Imlie Written Update 8th March 2023: Keya clarifies her point and tells Akash that Imlie signed the divorce papers so easily as it is not in Imlie to let go of her love without a fight.

Imlie Written Update 8th March 2023: Imlie Plan Against Cheeni

Akash tells her not to worry and focus on their own problem since Rudra can find out about the losses they have incurred in the business.

Imlie Written Update 8th March 2023

Meanwhile, Imlie watches the video on the top floor and purposefully says out loud that she will now show this video to Atharva (Karan Vohra).

However, Cheeni’s voice stops her and tells Imlie not to get excited as she will not let Imlie deliver this information to anyone else. Also Read: Lock Upp Season 2 To Air On MTV Channel? Ekta Kapoor Chooses Youth Favorite Channel Over Saas-Bahu Drama Channel?

Cheeni grabs the phone out of Imlie’s hand and pushes Imlie off the railing, slipping her hand away when Imlie tries to latch onto it. 

Is Imlie doing this intentionally to oust Cheeni in front of everyone?

Will Cheeni be finally caught?



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