Katha Ankahee is a Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish drama ‘1001 Nights’ (Binbir Gece), the show has enthralled the viewers with its captivating story and characters.

Katha Ankahee Adnan Khan Explains Viaan Situation At The Moment: Her Forgiveness Would Mean The World To Him.

Actor Adnan Khan, who rose to fame with Ishq Subhan Allah and Aditi Dev Sharma, is back on television with a popular show, Katha Ankahee. The show, which is based on the Turkish drama One Thousand and One Nights, better known as Arabian Nights, has been receiving loads of appreciation from itv fans. The 34-year-old actor is seen playing the lead role of Viaan Raghuwanshi opposite Aditi Dev Sharma, who plays Katha Singh.

Katha Ankahee is getting lot of love from audience and the story of Katha and Viaan has netizens gushing over them. The actor recently talked about his character and Viaan’s current situation and what he feels about the character. Adnan reveals how Viaan is in dilemma and tries to understand if it’s love between him and Kathaa. Also Read: Soundarya Sharma is ‘Deeply Hurt’ By Link-Up Rumours With Sajid Khan, Will Take Legal Action.

Katha Ankahee: Viaan And Kathaa Love Story

“It is believed that when you truly fall in love, you don’t usually understand how and when it happened. And that’s the case with Viaan right now, which is so heartwarming – he’s struggling to find signs and signals that tell him what being in love means. He’s getting jealous of Ehsaan or he is thinking about Katha when she is not around and he’s shocked at himself for standing up for her in front of his own mother.” he shared.

Katha Ankahee

Shedding light on the internal turmoil that Viaan is experiencing, actor Adnan Khan says, “I am glad that with Viaan’s character, we are able to redefine the quintessential hero by showcasing a more vulnerable side of a man; which is very rarely seen on television. It was the emotional baggage of his past that made Viaan put forth such an unforgivable proposition but he’s aware of his mistake and her forgiveness would mean the world to him. But somewhere on this journey of seeking forgiveness, he’s experiencing emotions that are unknown to him and is now standing at the crossroad of guilt and love.” Also Read: ‘Kabhi Shaadi Nahi Karungi’ Rakhi Sawant As She Spotted In Bridal Lehenga, Watch Video

Currently, viewers are witnessing a vulnerable side to Viaan who believes he has taken on the role of protector for Katha. Be it being concerned for Katha when Ehsaan tries to get close to her or protecting her from eve-teasers, all these incidents make Viaan question his own feelings and he tries to decipher his state of mind. Seeking help from his mother, Teji, he tries to understand the signs of being in love. And, in the upcoming track, a moment of realization will hit Viaan as he finally figures out that he is indeed in love with Katha as he happens to stand up for her in front of his mother.



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