[WATCH] Tunisha Sharma Death Case: Sheezan’s Mother Makes Serious Allegations On Tunisha’s Family- “Suicide Note Me.. “

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: SheeZan Khan’s family has made serious allegations against Tunisha’s family while holding a press conference today.

Tunisha Sharma Death Case Sheezans Mother Makes Serious Allegations On Tunishas Family Aap Kya Chahate Ho..

In the case of Tunisha Sharma’s death, her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan is being interrogated by police. In this case, Tunisha’s mother had made many serious allegations against Sheezan by holding a press conference, now Khan’s family has put forward their stand by holding a press conference. Sheezan’s mother, her sisters and lawyers were involved in this press conference. Sheezan’s family accused Tunisha’s mother of forcing her daughter to work when she wanted to roam around. Sheezan’s mother also said that your daughter is gone, now what do you want our child to commit suicide.

Tunisha Sharma Death Case

Sheezan Khan’s mother said to Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma in the press conference – A child has gone away, what do you want our child to commit suicide as well. Also vRead: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai After Leap: Akshara-Abhinav Back Each Other. Will Abhimanyu Marry Aarohi?

Sheezan’s family told during the press conference today that Pawan Sharma is being told in the media as Tunisha’s uncle, but he is not her uncle but her former manager. Sheezan’s family told that Tunisha had fired Pawan Sharma because he used to interfere more than necessary.

Khan’s family has alleged that Tunisha did not want to work and her mother used to force her to work. Sheezan’s sister Falak Naaz said that the girl did not want to work, wanted to roam around and was forced to work. Whereas Sheezan’s mother said that she went to the beach with us for the first time and she was very happy.

Sheezan Khan’s sister Falak Naaz said that in these 5 months we have given a lot of happiness to that girl child.

Khan family said that Tunisha was in depression. 3 years back he said that he doesn’t feel like working. She used to have anxiety after the death of her grandmother and cousin, but her mother didn’t care about her daughter’s health and didn’t want to talk about it.

Sab tb show ‘Ali Baba: Dastan e Kabul’ actress Tunisha Sharma hanged herself on the set on 24 December. In this case, her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheejan Khan is being arrested and interrogated. He had a breakup with Sheejan just 15 days before Tunisha’s death.