‘Wardi Utar, Cheer Dunga’: Couple Held For Threatening & Screaming at Traffic Cop In Mira Road, Watch Video

The incident took place on July 8 when the accused had parked his car at a no-parking zone in Mira Road. When the traffic cop on duty in the area wheel-locked the vehicle, the couple threatened to rip off his uniform.

Wardi Utar Cheer Dunga Couple Held For Threatening & Screaming at Traffic Cop In Mira Road

In yet another incident of common man losing civic sense has come to the fore in the state of Maharashtra where a man is seen misbehaving with traffic official. A video of two people including a man and a woman has surfaced where the man can be seen threatening the traffic cop when his car was being towed for illegal parking.

The incident took place in the Mira Road area where a person had put his car in a no-parking area, due to which the traffic police put a wheel clamp in the tire of his vehicle and looking to tow his car.

The accused can also be seen flouting Covid-19 norms by not wearing a mask. On the other the traffic policeman remained in control while directing his workers to tow the car. The man continues to misbehave with the policeman. 

In the viral video , the man is clearly seen very angry over the cops action regarding the violation of traffic rules. Both the people can be seen shouting at the policeman saying, “I’ll rip it from the middle…!”….”Take off the uniform and tell me again…!”

Couple Caught on Camera Threatening & Screaming at Traffic Constable in Mira Road-

After a while the man can be heard talking to someone on the phone and venting out his anger about the cop. He can be clearly heard saying that the cop is trying to make money using the power of uniform.

The undated video which has gone viral has received many reactions. One of the netizens praised the traffic police saying, “We must salute that officer who was completely calm and composed, who didn’t utter a single word & the other guy was recording it..!”

Later in a completely different avatar, the accused can be seen sitting on the floor apparently in a police lock-up with tears in his eyes. The viral video shows the man covering his eyes with both hands and ruing over the incident probably after he faced the music for his action.

It is not for the first time that such a shocking incident has surfaced. In April, a man was arrested for misbehaving and verbally abusing traffic officials in Mulund. 

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