Vikas Gupta Seeks Apology From Priyank Sharma, Parth; Says ‘Otherwise Both Have To Face Truth’

Vikas Gupta  has been mired in numerous controversies revolving around his sexuality. Recently Vikas Khoker stated, the producer once asked him for his n*de pictures for project. Now Vikas gupta has said that he will take legal actions against those who defamed him.

Vikas Gupta Seeks Apology From Priyank Sharma, Parth; Says ‘Otherwise Both Have To Face Truth’

Vikas Gupta has been mired in numerous controversies before and after entering the Bigg Boss 14 house. Most of those were revolving around his sexuality. If that wasn’t enough, former Roadies winner Vikas Khoker accused him of s*xual abuse sometime back. The latter had already said during a previous social media post that each one these accusations are false. He even threatened to require action against all those that made the said allegations against him within the property right.

‘Vikas Gupta wanted to see my private parts,’ alleges Roadies 9 winner Vikas Khoker

Now, Vikas has shared video on his youtube channel, during which he has opened on the difficulty. He takes a jibe at Khoker by sharing a screenshot during which he alleges the latter talked about gaining fame. Another screenshot also shows Khoker posing for some suggestions from Vikas regarding #MeToo. Next, he calls out Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan and asks them to issue a public apology failing which he will file a lawsuit and prove them wrong.

Check Out Vikas Gupta’s Video below:

Sharing the video on his social media handle vikas gupta further writes,  “I am sorry to myself for not keeping myself first. Since my coming out I have become a target for people to just attack cause they feel it’s possible. My Sexuality is being used against me. Earlier it was #ParthSamthaan & #PriyankSharma who were close to me did this now it’s people like #VikasKhoker who I haven’t even met more than 2 times in some 8 years trying to get fame out of this. I am putting a stop to all this and filling a defamation suit against him and also want #ParthSamthaan and #Priyanksharma to give clarity on the same and issue a public apology by Tom otherwise the same will follow suit and will prove it as well that they are lying. I have been forced to take this step cause it’s effecting my work, personal life and more.”


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