Udaariyaan Written Update 18 November 2021: Tejo Confronts Fateh

Udaariyaan Written Update 18 November 2021: Tejo Confronts Fateh
Udaariyaan Written Update 18 November 2021: Tejo Confronts Fateh

The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Tejo (Priyanka Chahar Choudhary) coming to Angad to get his sign in some office papers. She gets shocked seeing Angad treating himself his injuries. She aids him and says that it seems he fought with someone and asks he fought with whom. Angad asks Tejo to say who made her cry the morning. Tejo says to leave it and asks what’s the connection with this.

Angad (Karan V Grover) says that Jasmine made her cry. Tejo asks if he knows why he’s asking her and repeats her question to Angad. The latter lies that he fell from the tracker nd tries to divert Tejo in his talk. Tejo asks Rajat who has come here before her. Angad signs Rajat to not say. Tejo asks Rajat if he wants to lose his job. Rajat says the truth that Fateh (Ankit Gupta) Virk has come and fought with Angad. Tejo is surprised and wonders why Fateh would like this.

Tejo confronts Fateh (Isha Malviya) and rebukes him for fighting with Angad. She asks why he fought with Angad, what’s his problem if she cries. Fateh says that Angad doesn’t have any rights to make her cry. Tejo asks if only Fateh has that rights. Tejo says that he could have asked her the reason instead of beating her fiance. Fateh says that he didn’t what he felt right. Tejo asks why he’s bothered if she cries. She asks him to stay away from her and her life. She asks why he and Jasmine can’t be happy with their life and let her happy in her life. She says that they don’t have any relations and stops worrying about her. She asks Fateh to live with Jasmine and let her live her life and stop troubling her. Also Read-Udaariyaan Written Update 16 November 2021: Tejo and Angad closeness makes Fateh Jealous


Tejo says that she doesn’t want to meet him neither see him, but she’s helpless, she is connected with him and his family. If it’s possible she prefers to never see his face. Tejo warns Fateh for last time and asks to stay away from her and Angad. She says that Angad is good person and he can’t think of making her cry. Fateh says that he can’t see her crying. Tejo says that Fateh is the person who made her cry lot. Fateh says that he’s ashamed of his act, but he can’t see someone else hurting her. Tejo reminds Fateh that he lost all rights on her when he signed thr divorce papers.

Fateh asks if all their connection ended by him signing the divorce papers. Tejo says that only she was connected, but not him and broke that connection long back. Tejo begs him to stay away from her and her life. Fateh stops Tejo from leaving holding her hand. Tejo frees her hand and walks away. Fateh throws his bag in anger. Fateh says that he never admitted it, but he cares for her and he’s ashamed of his today’s act. He wonders if Angad didn’t make Tejo cry then who else. Fateh recalls Angad’s words and leaves getting furious. Also Read-Udaariyaan written Update November 17 2021: Fateh And Angad Fight

Jasmine sees Kushbeer is talking with the caterer about the food to be served on the wedding day. Once Kushbeer and the caterer leave, she checks the menu and laments that they don’t asked her likes. Fateh arrives there. He drags Jasmine away. Mayi ans Simran see this. Mayi says that Fateh is furious, it seems that Jasmine has done something again.
Mayi wishes that their wedding gets called off. Fateh brings Jasmine to their room and asks what she said to Tejo.


Jasmine denies of saying anything to Tejo and asks him to leave her as he’s hurting her. Fateh demands an answer. Jasmine says that Tejo must have complained to him. Fateh says that Tejo doesn’t think about Jasmine at all, but Jasmine always thinks bad of her. Fateh says that their families are attending their wedding because of Tejo. Jasmine says that they all are blinded with Tejo’s fake concern, but she’s not. Fateh says that Jasmine is blind that she can’t see what all Tejo does for them.

Jasmine says that all things and care only for Tejo, not for them. Fateh says that he already said to her and saying for the last time that his family matters lot for him, he fought with his family and staying here with her, so that his family can accept her and they can stay here together. He says that he doesn’t want any more fight. He adds that he is thankful to Tejo for not only that their families attending their wedding because of her, but also that she’s moving on her as it reduces his guilt. He says that he won’t spare if she hurts Tejo. Jasmine asks what he will do. Fateh says that she only saw his love till now and asks to pray that she doesn’t see his hatred. He leaves. Jasmine holds Tejo responsible for separating her from her and Fateh’s family and now making her fall in Fateh’s sight. She says that Tejo has to pay for it.

Tejo comes to the hall getting ready for the academy. Tejo is given lassi and asks her to make habit of drinking it as Angad likes it. Satti says that he also paratha, so she made all types of Parathas. Tejo asks if Angad has come. Harman says that they have called to talk about the preparations. Rupy asks if they’ve done right to know his likes and dislikes. Tejo hopes that Angad doesn’t fail their plan with his overacting. Sandhus show the gifts that Angad brought for him. Angad is having a talk with Dilraj. Tejo arrives there and asks Dilraj to go inside as she wants to talk to Angad. Dilraj obeys.

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Tejo says to Angad that he knows that they’re acting and asks then why he brought gifts for her family. Angad pulls Tejo close to him and says that it could be her game, but he will play it according to his ways. There could be many reasons to like her, but the most important one is her family. He got a cute and lovely family because of this drama. only those who don’t family knows it’s vslue.

Tejo asks what he means. Angad says that he doesn’t have anyone in his life, he’s alone, his parents died in flight crash when he was 12. Tejo apologizes to Angad and asks if he doesn’t have siblings. Angad says that he’s only son and his grandparents are in London and he meets them while going there. Tejo says that it means he lives alone. Angad admits it. Tejo says that she’s sorry. Angad says that she should be as shecbroke his heart by keeping her busy in serious talk without letting him have parathas. Angad cracks jokes and makes Tejo smile. Rupy sees this and gets happy.

Jasmine comes to Fateh and asks if he really wants to marry her. Fateh says that he can’t prove his love for her everyday. Jasmine asks him to see the way of talking with her, he would have acted differently if Tejo was in her place. Jasmine says that he told her to behave well with Angad as he’s an important person for them, but he himself fought with Angad. Jasmine asks if he jealous of Angad and asks if he still thinks about Tejo. Fateh looks on.


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