Tina Datta Re-Enters Bigg Boss 16 House, Blasts Shalin Bhanot, BB Fans Say ‘Kitna Natak Krte Hai Dono’

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot revealed he never Tina Datta, it was only for chicken. The Uttaran actress re-enters the show and gives him a reality check!

Tina Datta Re-Entry In Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot Fake

Bigg Boss 16 has got a lot more spicier lately. BB fans are witnessing some of the shocking twists. Tina Datta’s eviction in the recent episode has been one of the most shocking so far. Shalin Bhanot’s reaction after Tina’s eviction was kind of weird as he claimed to be in love with her. Now, as reported earlier, Tina has re-entered the BB house, she learnt Bhanot’s reaction after her eviction and was shocked. In the recent promo, which showed Tina’s re-entry in the game has received a lot of reactions.

In the kitchen, Archana was talking to Shalin and asked him if he knew Tina was going to get eliminated from the show and Shalin replied, “I knew it when Salman Khan said saath then only at that time I figured that Tina was getting eliminated.” Also, he told Sreejita “I never liked Tina, it was only because of the chicken that I liked her. I was only worried about my food and she used to do it so that is the only thing I am missing right now because who will make chicken for me now. I won’t even talk to that girl after I go out of the house because there I would have my restaurant for it.”

Later, in the promo of the Sunday’s episode, Bigg Boss plays another game and asks Shalin to get Tina back by pressing the buzzer. But he will lose the prize money of Rs 25,00,000. Bhanot presses the buzzer and reveals that he doesn’t care and will give the money to everyone himself.  Also Read: Bigg Boss 16 WKV: Sreejita De Tags Shiv Thakare As The ‘Best Entertainer’

As Tina enters the house, she looses her calm and exposes Shalin, saying, “That day when he knew that I was going to leave the house so he did not press it back then and today suddenly he pressed the buzzer. Why did he need so much time to think and save me, if I was there Shalin Bhanot I would have pressed it on the third count and saved you. If you cannot be your friend’s person then you cannot be anyone’s person. I never wanted to go, I know everything you were doing in the house. You were dancing over there after I left the house, I saw you singing songs. I had to get a reality check and I do now.” Also Read: Shivangi Joshi and Randeep Rai Are Dating, Here’s How They Met & Fell In Love

Tina Datta Re-Entry In Bigg Boss 16

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Well, the drama between Shalin and Tina has left netizens ROFL and they are terming their fight as a ‘Natak’ and even claiming that they are doing it ‘Fake’. One fan wrote, “Khel gaye bigboss 😂 Sabko lag raha tha shalin innocent aur real hai aur Tina uska use kar rahi hai but Shalin ne prove kar diya ki Tina se bada fake wo hai😂”

Another wrote, “Ye dono ek number ke fake hai…lagta hai bahar se hi plan karke aaye hai fake lovestory dikhane ka…Thank God Sumbul ki jan chhuti in ghatiya logo se warna wo to bahut innocent aur pure hearted hai”.

Some even said, both are acting, “Acting chal rahi hai yahan pe shalin aur Tina ki 😂 Priyanka kabse shalin ki sagi ban gayi 🤔😡🤣fake teeno”.