That last dream of Satish Kaushik: The sudden departure of veteran actor, director and producer like Satish Kaushik is a deep shock to the film industry. Let us tell you, Satish was also very excited about his future projects and planning for the last few years. However, along with acting and direction in films, Satish was planning some other special plans for his fans.

That last dream of Satish Kaushik, which remained unfulfilled, was doing special planning for the last 2 years
That last dream of Satish Kaushik, which remained unfulfilled, was doing special planning for the last 2 years

Let me tell you, Satish wanted his journey to be included in the pages of the book. Satish was planning his autobiography for a long time. However, apart from some of his close friends, Satish did not mention this to anyone else. For the last two months, he had also become very active regarding this planning.

That last dream of Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik’s nephew Nishant tells, uncle’s wish was that he should write his autobiography. He has had an amazing journey from Haryana to Mumbai. He also had a wealth of experiences and many interesting stories to tell. He was planning to collect them and write them in a book. He was also writing his own story and was also looking for a good writer. I remember he used to make drafts of his life stories in his spare time. Although he was not planning it on a big level. After talking to a lot of writers, he also confirmed someone. However, his name was never mentioned. Also Read: When Karan Kundrra Called His Twitter Trollers ‘Jealous Souls’ And Revealed He Doesn’t Give Importance To Them At All

Nishant further says, now we will definitely fulfill the dream of his autobiography and it will be brought among the people in a more grand way. The struggles of his life will inspire people. He has seen many ups and downs in life but has never expressed his sorrows. On the contrary, he used to cheer up the whole team when we were in despair. He used to motivate us by telling stories for an hour.



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