Shilpa Shinde says, she don’t watch Bigg Boss: “It never interested me!”

Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa shinde says she never watched Bigg Boss and if someone spread fake news, she will take action against them.

Shilpa Shinde says, she don't watch Bigg Boss: "It never interested me!”
Shilpa Shinde says, she don’t watch Bigg Boss: “It never interested me!” (courtesy-google)

Bigg Boss is the most controversial show of TV history, every year new season begins and we see several celebrities competing each other. Though some seasons and winners has special place in our heart. One of such is shilpa sinde, her fights vikas gupta were often and she made it entertaining. Now, we got to know that Shilpa Shinde isn’t following Bigg Boss 14 in the least. Yet she is asked every now then about contestants and their performances. So a couple of days ago, she uploaded a video on Facebook stating that she isn’t watching Bigg Boss and whoever is using her name to spread wrong information, she is going to take action against the person.

IN conversation with The Times Of India Shilpa she said, “Someone on social media had imitated my voice and spoken ill about Rahul Vaidya. Then a couple of agencies published it without even confirming it with me. The girl within the video used foul language which i will be able to never ever say or use”
Shilpa says Bigg Boss isn’t her cup of tea and winning the 11th season was a matter of sheer luck and her destiny. Right from Salman Khan to her fans, everyone’s encouragement and support is what helped her, she says.

“What happens inside the house is only known by people that live inside. People unnecessarily poke one another and fight and that i am someone who could never do all that. i’m not an individual who is manipulative and diplomatic,” shares Shilpa.

She went inside the Bigg Boss house with no plans in the least, she says, and didn’t even do any homework like other contestants generally do.
“I saw that even the commoners had publicists managing them outside the house for social media engagement and other things. On the opposite hand, I went inside blindly. My game was all authentic and organic. In my season one thing was needless to say that whatever we all did was real and entertaining, and that we didn’t need any support,” adds Shilpa.

Talking about how the show doesn’t interest her anymore, she says, “Even earlier I never used to watch Bigg Boss. It never interested me!” she says.

Talking About Bigg Boss 14, Vikas Gupta is evicted from the show due to less votes by fans. Though he had chance to save him from eviction using his Joker Card which he denied to use. If he would have use that option Devoleena Might to out of the show, so Eijaz as she is proxy of Khan.

On a Work front, Shilpa Shinde was recently seen in ALTBalaji’s ‘Paurushpur’ as Queen Meerawati. The web series also starred Shaheer Sheikh, Anu Kapoor in key roles.

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