Samantha Ruth Prabhu Reveals The Reason Behind Failed Marriages & It Has Karan Johar Connection

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has never spoken about her divorce nor has Naga Chaitanya ever given any statement about it, but recently the actress has told why most of the marriages are unhappy.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Reveals The Reason Behind Failed Marriages & It Has Karan Johar Connection
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Reveals The Reason Behind Failed Marriages & It Has Karan Johar Connection

Karan Johar is bringing the 7th season of his popular and controversial show ‘Koffee with Karan’ from 7th July. This time from Ranveer Singh to Anil Kapoor and from Varun Dhawan to Akshay Kumar will be seen in the show. The show has always been in the news due to funny and controversial revelations related to the life of celebrities. Something similar is going to happen this time as well. A part of the new promo of the show is becoming very viral, in which Samantha Ruth Prabhu is seen.

In this video, Samantha is seen jokingly saying that Karan Johar is a big reason for couples being unhappy in marriages. Samantha surprised everyone by deciding to divorce Naga Chaitanya last year. In such a situation, it was already being speculated that Samantha will be seen in the new season of this show and will break silence on her broken marriage. Also Read: Super-Chic Outfits We Wish To Steal From Rakul Preet Singh’s Closet


Samantha Ruth Prabhu On Koffee With Karan Season 7

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is the superstar of South Indian cinema. In the promo of Koffee With Karan season 7, the ‘The Family Man 2’ actress is seen saying, ‘You are actually the biggest cause of bitter experiences in marriage. You have shown in the movies that marriage is like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’. Whereas in real life it is like KGF and everyone is upset seeing this. Although in this promo video, other stars also have cheeky talk, but the part of Samantha is becoming very viral on social media. Also Read: Ranbir Kapoor And Vaani Kapoor aka Balli & Sona’s Latest Pics Are So Hot!

Koffee With Karan season 7 Karan Johar

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is seen for the first time in ‘Koffee With Karan’. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya separated after four years of marriage. The news of their divorce was shocking to everyone because they were seen as the best couple. However, even after the announcement of the divorce, Samantha has remained outspoken about their relationship. Both Samantha and Naga Chaitanya kept the reason for getting divorced very private. Not only this, Samantha also turned down an alimony of Rs 200 crore from Naga Chaitanya. Samantha was trolled by many people, her character also raised questions, but every time the actress gave a befitting reply to her critics.

Samantha Akkineni cute smile

Now that Samantha has jokingly compared a happy married life with films, everyone should be wondering, is it really so? To some extent, he seems to be justified in saying this. There is no doubt that films have taught us all to love and love. There is always talk of happy endings in our films. But the romantic way in which love and marriage are portrayed on screen, rarely is it shown the seriousness of finding love and the troubles that follow after marriage. It is not that films have not been made on the subject of bitterness in relationships and how to overcome it. But it is also true that the number of these films is less and their popularity has also been less. Also Read: Will Akshay Kumar Leave Bollywood And Join Politics? The Raksha Bandhan Actor Reacts


However, Samantha jokingly, on comparing relationships with films, has said the thing that we all should think about. Especially for celebrities, the meaning of love and relationship becomes very different, because they are watched by millions of fans around the world. They get trolled when anything goes wrong, without thinking that they can also get upset in personal life. They can be hurt too.

Not much time has passed when Samantha told the trollers who questioned the character, ‘I have many affairs… I don’t want children, I am opportunistic. Not knowing this and many such things are being said about me. It is also being said that I have had abortions many times. All I would like to say is that divorce is a very painful process. It is very wrong to attack my character. Also Read: Karan-Arjun Returns! Salman khan And Shah Rukh Khan Ready For Aditya Chopra’s Action Flick? Find Out



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