Rubina Dilaik Deserves to Win Bigg Boss 14; Here’s Why

Rubina Dilaik Deserves to Win Bigg Boss 14; Here's Why
Rubina Dilaik Deserves to Win Bigg Boss 14; Here’s Why (pic- rubina dilaik/instagram)

Bigg Boss 14 has been a rollercoaster ride. With new twists and turns and never-ending fights, this season was as entertaining as ever.

There are two major contestants that are within the safe zone hebdomadally. regardless of what percentage times they get nominated, these two will find yourself getting the very best percentage of votes. it’s Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik. But if we mention the winner, Rubina has higher chances of taking home the Bigg Boss trophy.

Rubina has both a robust fanbase and a tremendous game. When someone is targeted beyond reason within the Bigg Boss house, it generally results in the contestant positively being on viewers’ radar. Over the past few weeks, Rubina has gotten into many fights and was drilled by host Salman Khan. the matter that she is facing with Rakhi Sawant is keeping her busy.

Be it her fight with Kavita Kaushik or Arshi Khan or now with Rakhi Sawant, the actress has always been within the news. Every Weekend Ka Vaar, Rubina is that the first one on Salman’s radar.


Rubina Dilaik has played well throughout the season. She tried giving her one hundred pc altogether the tasks. Even when she gets into fights with someone, Rubina makes sure; she keeps her point and is strong-willed. Her relationship with husband Abhinav Shukla was also loved by the fans. Sometimes she even argues with Salman Khan when she believes that he’s targeting her for wrong reasons.

Even with the issues between Abhinav, Rubina and Rakhi, the manufacturers decided to side with Rakhi. Everything that Rubina has faced within the house has only made her stronger. during a positive or negative manner, she is usually there within the spotlight.( Also Read- Bollywood Celebrities and Their Interesting Hobbies; Revealed )


When makers and therefore the host make things difficult for a contestant; meaning the contestant will find yourself getting viewers sympathy. As Rubina constantly became Salman Khan’s target and was slammed by him repeatedly, it ended up charging her fans even more. repeatedly, the contestant that gets scolded the foremost emerges because the winner.

As Salman Khan kept supporting Rakhi Sawant, it’s made even more evident that putting Rubina on the radar has made viewers angry and that they are now emphasizing together with her.


When it’s the matter of votes, nothing comes on the brink of Rubina’s fandom. The fans acknowledged repeatedly that Rubina has been constantly targeted and used for TRP. The fanbase is so strong that they managed to stay Rubina safe till now and not just safe but always with a high percentage of votes. whenever Rubina gets nominated; she is usually within the top and within the No.1 position.

She has become household name during her shows on most of Big Hindi television channels, the actress has portrayed lovable characters that made fans love her with her acting.

Rubina’s fanbase are trending, “DESERVING WINNER RUBINA” on Twitter. In just 24 hours, the fans managed to urge the phrase to 10 million tweets. The Trend has recorded as Huge TV Trend ever made on Twitter for personality.


Based purely on votes, nothing can compared to Rubina. she is going to get the very best percentage of votes and can win Bigg Boss 14. But if we take a glance at her game, even then Rubina Dilaik has high chances of winning as she has been the strongest contestant within the house and played her game very smartly.


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