Rang Maza Vegla: What Will Reshma Shinde aka Deepa Do After Hearing Deepika’s Truth

Rang Maza Vegla: Deepa aka Reshma Shinde is going to get to know the truth from the doctor.

Rang Maza Vegla What Will Reshma Shinde aka Deepa Do After Hearing Deepikas Truth

The Marathi series ‘Rang Maza Vegla’ on the small screen is currently winning in the TRP race. Currently, the series has taken an interesting turn. Kartiki is trying hard to bring Karthik and Deepa together. Not only that, but the truth of Karthik has also come before her. In this, Deepika’s truth will now come before Deepa. She will understand that Deepika was beautifully abducted from the hospital.

A promo of the series is currently going viral on social media. In this promo, Deepa is going to get to know the truth from the doctor. Not only that, but it will be clear that Soundarya has taken away one of her daughters.


Deepa goes to the doctor to get information about her second daughter. This time you took one of your daughters. So the doctor says that your second daughter was adopted by Soundarya. From this, Deepa understands that Kartik’s daughter Deepika is also her own child. Also Read: Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla Fame Anvita Phaltankar Loves 3Gs; Watch Video

Watch Rang Maza Vegla Promo:

So now that this truth has come to light, will Deepa marry Karthik again and complete her family? Will she go to the Soundarya to ask the truth? The audience will get the answers to all these questions only after watching the series. Also Read: Not Ranbir Kapoor, But THIS Actor Was Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s First Choice For Animal


New Kartik In Rang Maza Vegla

Meanwhile, Both Deepika and Kartiki have caught the attention of the audience. However, child actor Saisha Bhoir, who plays Kartiki, has left the series recently. Therefore, a new Kartiki entry will be made in her place.

According to reports, Saisha Bhoir, who is playing the role of Kartiki has left the show. So now the audience will get to see the new Kartiki instead of Saisha Bhoir. Child artiste Maitreyi Date will play the role of Kartiki in this series. Recently, photos of her in Kartiki’s outfit have gone viral on social media.

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