Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Ritesh, is in Poland and not a fictional character, Confirms Brother Rakesh

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant’s brother, Rakesh Sawant clarifies that her husband, Ritesh isn’t a fictitious character and is in Poland.

Rakhi Sawant's husband, Ritesh, is in Poland and not a fictional character, Confirms Brother Rakesh
Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Ritesh, is in Poland and not a fictional character, Confirms Brother Rakesh (pic- rakhi sawant/ instagram)

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant has become the favourite of the many. She is taken into account because the most entertaining contestant of Bigg Boss 14. However, recently she has been within the news for all wrong reasons. The audience didn’t like her behaviour and her crazy love towards Abhinav Shukla However, since the day she entered, fans have one question in their mind. (Also Read-10 Unknown Facts About Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant: Serving Food At Ambani’s House For Rs 50 To ‘Item Girl’ )

Everyone wants to see Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Ritesh. People even feel that she isn’t married and is simply being fake. Rakhi has been questioned about Ritesh repeatedly and she or he keeps saying that he exists and is cursed with work. People have still not believed Rakhi and hence her brother, Rakesh Sawant has begin in her support.

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In an interview with ETimes, Rakesh Sawant clarified that Ritesh is in Poland and he’s not some fictitious character. He said, “I want to clarify to at least one and every one for the one last time that my sister, Rakhi Sawant is married and my jiju Ritesh isn’t a fictitious character. He exists and is extremely much there in Poland. In fact, when the wedding happened, each side of the families were present. Even my mama ji and mami ji visited the marriage. there’s not need for Rakhi to lie around her marriage. All this while when she was unmarried she didn’t pose to be married, and now when she is married she has announced it to the world.” Rakesh was also asked why Ritesh doesn’t are available front of the people.

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Rakhi’s Brother Rakesh Sawant said, “Well, that’s Ritesh jiju’s personal choice. All this while he only wanted one thing that his identity shouldn’t be disclosed as he’s a really private person. Ritesh has also been approached by Bigg Boss makers and he’s really trying hard to return to India. His mother isn’t well too and there’s also a significant lockdown in Poland due to Coronavirus. But i’m still hopeful that Ritesh jiju might make it to Biss Boss 14.”

Meanwhile, Today there will be nomination task to be seen, contestants have to tear page of other contestant’s written name on page to whoever they want to nominate. in the promo rakhi seen crying when she needs to choose bwtween eliminating Abhinav or to Save him, she says her hands are shaking.


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