R Madhavan Pranks Wife’s Brother In Nambi Narayan’s Look

R Madhavan Pranks Wife's Brother In Nambi Narayan Look
R Madhavan Pranks Wife’s Brother In Nambi Narayan’s Look

R Madhavan is constantly sharing updates related to the film Rocketry. Madhavan had to take a completely different look for this film. The actor himself shared the video and told how he had made the shape of his teeth like Nambi by applying braces. How he changed his hair color and started walking like a Nambi. Modifying himself in the style of Nambi, Madhavan is not able to recognize at a glance. What was it then, Madhavan realized the fun and shared a picture of his wife’s brother, seeing which his brother-in-law screamed. Also Read: 10 Films Rejected By Hrithik Roshan That Went On To Become Super-Hit

Actor R Madhavan revealed that he played a prank with his brother-in-law by sending a photo in his Nambi Narayanan get-up while embracing his wife Sarita. In a social media post, Madhavan revealed that his brother-in-law was “scared” by the picture. Sharing the photo on Twitter, Madhavan wrote, “When my brother-in-law freaked out when I sent him this photo of my wife.

It is clear from the picture that why did his brother-in-law get scared by this action of Madhavan? In the photo, Madhavan is in Nambi’s getup and the back side is visible. At the same time, in this pose, he is seen kissing his wife. The face in the photo is also visible only of Madhavan’s wife. Then brother-in-law’s anger was bound to happen. Madhavan proved to be very successful in this prank. Also Read: Sidharth Malhotra’s Romantic Tracks That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Madhavan himself had released the video and told that Madhavan had also colored his hair to fit in the look of Nambi. Madhavan says that he used to get his hair color corrected while sitting in a chair for 18 hours a day. He had to do this continuously for three days. Prakash Nambiar, the creative producer of the film Rocketry, told that when he saw Madhavan and Nambi Narayanan walking together, he could not differentiate between the movements of the two.

image credit: r madhavan instagram

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