Pandya Store Spoiler Alert: Suman’s life in danger

Pandya Store Spoiler Alert: Pandya Store will see Suman’s life being in danger yet again.
Pandya Store Spoiler Alert: Suman’s Life In Danger
Pandya Store Spoiler Alert: Suman’s Life In Danger

Pandya Store the Star Plus show has seen major drama with the Pandya brothers starting their Yatra on foot with the Kavadia that contains pots filled with water. As per the pledge taken by the Pandya brothers, they would use the same water to do the Shiv Puja in the temple. 

As reported earlier about Anita playing her game. She has made small holes into the pots so that by the time they reach the temple, there will be no water in the pots. 

Now while walking on the road, the Pandyas will get to know that the temple is being taken care of by Janardhan and that he will be out there to create more drama. 


The Pandya family will be in for more trouble when Suman’s wheelchair will move and will go down the slope of the road all by itself. 

Suman will yell for help and Gautam (Kinshuk Mahajan) and Dhara (Shiny Doshi) will run behind the wheelchair to save Suman. However, the wheelchair will be almost on the verge of crashing down the cliff. 

Will Suman be saved?



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