Naagin 6 Episode 3 Written Update: Shesh Naagin Kills Minister & Gets A Major Clue, Pratha Misunderstands Rishabh, Is He Also An Asur?

Naagin 6 Episode 3 Written Update: Pratha and Rishabh share some nok-jhok moments. Shesh Naagin learns that the minister is the culprit.

Naagin 6 Episode 3 Written Update: Shesh Naagin Kills Minister & Gets A Major Clue, Pratha Misunderstands Rishabh, Is He Also An Asur?
Naagin 6 Episode 3 Written Update: Shesh Naagin Kills Minister & Gets A Major Clue, Pratha Misunderstands Rishabh, Is He Also An Asur?

Naagin 6 Episode 3 Written Update: The episode begins with Sarvasresth Naagin attacking the first asur. The asur tries to escape through the forest as Naagin follows him.

Meanwhile, Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) enters the asur’s room. Finding the room empty, Pratha realizes that she has lost her job. Professor tells Naagin that she has failed to kill the first asur as his face didn’t appear on the painting.

However, the professor gives her the bad news saying that her revenge is not yet complete and the real criminal is still out there. We learn that Urvashi’s husband has a fake leg. They discuss a business deal. Urvashi asks him to focus on the wedding of their daughters. Urvashi’s husband reveals that he helped the enemy country in destroying the country. Also Read: Tejasswi Prakash And Simba Nagpal’s Chemistry In Naagin 6 Has Already Got Fans Talking; Fans Root For PraRish


Pratha believes that Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) complained about her to the manager and hence she lost her job. Ritesh (Abhishek Verma) asks Rishabh for help. The latter learns that Pratha was kicked from the job by Riya. Rishabh convinces Riya against her decision. Ritesh thanks Rishabh for reinstating Pratha. Elsewhere, the shesh Naagin brings sapole to expose the person with a fake leg. The house members and guests are shocked and scared on seeing so many tiny snakes. 

Elsewhere, Rishabh convinces Pratha to come back to the job. Pratha gets very happy. Later, Ritesh reveals that he has lost Riya’s engagement ring, Rishabh hands over his ring to him. Ritesh and Riya get engaged. Rishabh and Reem get engaged too. Rishabh seems mesmerised by Pratha’s beauty. Elsewhere, Urasvhi and her husband come to a room. They discuss the money they hid in the Gujral household. Urvashi gets violent with her husband. Also Read: Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 Contestants: Erica Fernandes, Pratik Sehajpal, Mohit Malik & Other Names On The List, Check Out!

We later learn that it’s not Urvashi with Shesh naagin in Urvashi’s avatar. Shesh Naagin (Mahek Chahal) has learned about Uvrashi’s husband having a fake leg. 


Rishabh asks Pratha to stay away from his younger brother, Ritesh. Meanwhile, Rishabh tries to decipher the message written on the half-torn letter. Bebe asks Seema to have a pooja to ward off evil but she refuses. Pratha decides to stay at Gujral residence throughout the duration of the function. It is revealed that Pratha is all set to get engaged to Mayank who wants to meet her.  Also Read: Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Spoiler Alert: Agastya ruins Pakhi’s haldi ceremony

Later, Pratha is looking for a charger as she wants to inform her fiance Mayank about the whole situation. Rishabh inquires about who she wants to call. Pratha doesn’t want to reveal about Mayank to them and Ritesh comes to her rescue by giving her his phone. Rishabh identifies Pratha’s bag and feels that she may be the same girl. Anya talks to Rishabh about the financial fraud happening in their company. Rishabh calms her down. It is revealed that Pratha will be staying at Gujral’s for about 8 days till the wedding. Pratha calls Mayank who tells her that he wants to meet her. Pratha asks the other manager for leave. The latter asks him to ask Rishabh who got her back on the job. Also Read: Mommy to be Debina Bonnerjee Reveals Her Pregnancy Cravings Caused Health Problems – Watch Video

Shesh Naagin comes to the rescue when the dhol wale don’t come. She sings Tappe and the Gujrals dance enjoying the pre-wedding functions. The minister talks to Shesh Naagin and Urvashi gets furious with him. She confronts him about the whole Naagin thing. Shesh Naagin eavesdrops on their conversation. The minister asks Gujral to meet him in the study room to talk about the business deal. Seema comes and asks about making the business deal on the days of the functions. Shesh Naagin follows and learns that Seema is involved with the business deal with the minister. Elsewhere, the Gujrals are enjoying the pre-wedding functions. Ritesh spots Pratha and goes to talk to her again. Riya gets him away. Pratha asks Rishabh for permission to go out to meet her fiance. Anya reveals the business fraud to Seema. Seema rebuffs her. Also Read: Pratik Sehajpal Finally Announces His First Project Post Bigg Boss 15; Fans Are Super-Excited For The Song Rang Soneya


Urvashi catches her husband talking to Naagin and gets jealous. It is revealed that Seema and Urvashi’s husband are business partners and are conspiring against the nation. Pratha requests Rishabh to allow her to leave for 2 hours to meet her fiance. Rishabh agrees. Meanwhile, Aanya, who is Seema’s younger daughter, realizes that there is financial fraud happening in the company. Also Read: Alia Bhatt’ Most Stylish Yet Easiest Hairdos That You Need To Try Next

Seema stops Pratha from leaving and assigns her some work. Urvashi catches her husband admiring Naagin and feels jealous, again. Naagin tries to attack Urvashi’s husband again but his daughters enter his room. The asur gifts his daughters properties in Goa through the money he made by conspiring against the nation. 

Meanwhile, Mayank reaches the venue and forces Pratha to leave with him. Naagin finally manages to kill Urvashi’s husband who reveals that Rishabh is also an asur. Ritesh and Rishabh see Pratha talking to Mayank. Also Read: Top 15 Television Celebs You Won’t Believe Hold These Degrees

Mayank feels jealous of Rishabh. In order to get Pratha fired, he mixes glass pieces in Haldi. 



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