Muskan Bamne recently opened up about the same and revaled she was “shocked” after she read the script.

Muskan Bamne Was SHOCKED To Read The Script Of Pakhi's Fight With Mother Anupama
Muskan Bamne Was ‘SHOCKED’ To Read The Script Of Pakhi’s Fight With Mother Anupama

Star Plus show Anupama has been topping the TRP chart since the start of the show with its gripping and entertaining plot. The love story of Anupama & Anuj created quite a buzz on social media and Rupali-Gaurav’s pairing has a massive fan following. The current track of the show revolves around Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) being in a major fix by deciding to foster a child. The decision has not been taken in the positive stride by both Kapadia and Shah families.

We had all seen the entry of Anuj’s brother Ankush and his wife, Barkha. Barkha’s brother Adhik also comes along. They hide that they have lost all the money and business in the US and now want to have Anuj’s business. They have tried to trap Pakhi and instigate her against Anupama. Pakhi insults Anupama and calls her the worst mother.

In the previous episodes, Pakhi says Anupama is the worst mother who is greedy only for money. She says Anupama considers herself above her children. She also told her that she has lost it after marrying Anuj Kapadia and making him ‘joru ka ghulaam’. She also stated that she wants benefits from both Shah and Kapadiya households and thus she keeps visiting Shah house. Anupama asks her if she feels bad her mother isn’t running around requesting for food and all. Pakhi tells her that she’s a home breaker. Anupama stumbles in shock.  Also Read: Anupama Upcoming 6 Major Twists: Barkha-Adhik Will Finally Snatched Anuj’s Business, Pakhi Will Face Reality, Anuj’s Condition Worsens

Meanwhile, that was all horrible to see on screen and audience must have really felt bad for Anupama, and hating the Pakhi’s side. As an audience we were disturbed by the entire drama by just seeing it on screens, but do you know how the actors have felt during performing the scene? Well, Muskan Bamne who plays the role of Pakhi recently opened up about the same and revaled she was “shocked” after she read the script.

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In her recent chat with IndiaForums, Muskan said, “I was shocked to read the script wherein Pakhi is going to go all out in expressing her anger for her own mother. Forget about misbehaving with mother, one should not be this rude to anyone. Having said that, it was exciting to perform such a performance- driven scene. It was amazing experiencing such emotions”. Also Read: Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde To Be Part Of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10

Anupamaa New Promo-

A promo has released where we see the future story of Anupama and Anuj. In the promo, we see Anupama talking about how our own people hurt us and back bite us. Then, we see Barkha and Ankush telling Anupama that just like she trapped Anuj in her love, her daughter, Pakhi is doing the same with Adhik.

Later, Vanraj is seen saying that Anuj’s family has shown Anupamaa her real state. We then see Anupamaa on the hospital bed. Choti Anu comes and asks Anupamaa whether her father will never get up again. Anupamaa then tells Anuj that both her and Choti Anu are waiting for him.

Anuj is seen sitting on a wheel chair while Anupama decides to make him stand up again. Take a look at the promo:




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