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KRK Now attacks Disha Patani, Shares Her Unseen Cozy Pictures With Ex-BF Parth Samthaan, Calls Him Her Brother

KRK, after posting pictures of Disha Patani and her rumoured ex-boyfriend Parth Samthaan, has now deleted them. He faced backlash for referring to Parth as Disha’s ‘brother’.

KRK shares unseen pics of disha patani parth samthaan

KRK has been indulging in drama despite being in legal trouble. a day after he released his Radhe review, Salman Khan had sent him a defamation suit. The suit was not just limited to the review, but several other statements made by the critic. After Shah Rukh Khan, now KRK has dragged Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan into the matter. Read on for details.

For the unversed, gossip mill has it that Disha dated Kasautii Zindagii Kay actor Parth back in 2013. There are a lot of pictures proving the claim but both could even be just good friends. according to reports, Patani broke up after Samthaan cheated on her with Vikas Gupta. There has been no proof of that either.

There are tons of pictures of Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan on the internet. However, one respects their past and lets things belong where they do. However, Kamaal R Khan aka KRK isn’t one of them. Amidst his fight with Salman Khan, he has now dragged the Radhe actress into the picture.

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KRK shares a few of cozy pictures of Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan. He tweeted alongside, “Wow! Disha and her brother look so cute together!”

In a new tweet, he said that he was sent the images by someone on Twitter, and just posted them with a ‘good caption’.

“Someone did send me some photos on Twitter only and he said that he is #DishaPatani brother with her. I liked photos, so I posted with good caption. But people were barking like DOGS. I deleted photos because I don’t know that boy and I am not sure if he is really her brother,” he wrote.

Disha Patani Parth Samthaan  relationship

In another tweet, Kamaal R Khan attacked Salman Khan for the nth time. He spoke about all the Bigg Boss contestants who are supporting Salman and slamming him.

“Aur Tu Ek Baat Bata Yaar, Tu Kaisa Bollywood Ka Maalik Gunda Bhai Hai, Ki Ek Bollywood Wala Teri Support Main Nahi Aaya! Tujhe Inn Chirkut #BiggBoss Ke Nallon Ko Apne Support Main Laana Pada! Hahaha! Kaya Izzat Hai Teri Bollywood Main Yar? you are real #2RsPerson of Bollywood,” KRK tweeted.

Neither Disha Patani, Parth Samthaan or Salman Khan have reacted to the newest tweets.



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