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KRK Kutta: Mika Singh Shares A Sneak Peek Into His ‘Special Song’ For Kamaal R Khan- Watch VIDEO

Mika Singh gives a sneak peek into his KRK Kutta song dedicated to Kamaal R Khan; the diss track uses dogs’ bark as music

KRK Kutta Mika Singh Kamaal R Khan KRK

KRK has bad-mouthed several celebrities over the years including actresses and is no stranger to controversy. However, his recent attack against Salman Khan has backfired tremendously as he seemed to have bitten into a lot more than what he can chew. He recently got into a feud with Mika Singh as well, who supports Salman Khan. The singer then went on to announce that he would be making a diss track for KRK and has now released a sneak peek into the track.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Mika shared an update about the song and released a snippet of the music. He wrote, “Hello everyone, beat and tune is almost done now. we are working on the lyrics.. thank you @shari @ToshiSabrii for making such an awesome beat.. I am making this special song for @kamaalrkhan #KRKKutta ..But it is a commercial club song.”

Mika Singh Gives Sneak Peek Into KRK Kutta-

In the track, we can hear a dog barking in the background. Later in the clip, Mika instructs the music composers to highlight it and they do so. KRK has described Mika several times as ‘Chirkut Singer’ in his tweets. Both Mika and KRK have been in a war of words for a while now.

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Recently Speaking to TOI, Mika Singh had said, “A lot of actors have complained to me about KRK in the past and I had even yelled at him several times, even when he had spoken wrongly about Sara Ali Khan.’ He further added that he has a good relationship with Salman Khan and at the same time, ‘it is my responsibility to call out wrong things, since I am a part of the same industry. Everyone should have united and spoken out much before.”



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