Karan Singh Grover to Abhinav Kohli; TV celebs who were slapped badly in public

Karan Singh Grover, Abhinav Kohli and Gauahar Khan are among the celebrities who faced embarrassment in public.

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Just like our lives, Bollywood as well loses its cool and has often created controversies just because they unfortunately have cameras following them around. There are are some instances when the celebs either slapped each other or the paparazzi asked for it with their actions or the celeb just lost his or her cool and slapped the cameraperson. Here are 6 such monents when celebs embarassed the Hindi movie industry with their 5 second instinctive reactions.

Stardom costs a lot of things and there are many who’ve paid the price of not meeting their fans’ expectations. they have been manhandled in public and had to face humiliation publicly. Let’s take a look at the TV celebs who went through this embarrassment:

Gauhar Khan Slapped By A Random Person

Actress Gauahar Khan was shockigly slapped by a lover amid one of her public interviews. the reason if you read will make your blood also boil provided you do believe minding your own business and not judging others. the reason was that the man said she was wearing a short dress. He probably had it all planned in his head as he was so quick that even the security couldn’t stop him. This created a huge controversy and i cannot at all fathom as to how huiliated Gauahar must have felt.

Rakhi Slapped Ex-Boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi

Rakhi Sawant has always been in the news and mostly for the wrong reason. She was in a long relationship with Abhishek, but in 2011, she ended up slapping him variety of times on Valentines Day. However, since we aren’t best friends with Rakhi, we have no right to judge why she slapped him but then man was slapped across his face with flowers in one hand. And he took them all! He probably knew why she did so but on Valentine Day the video did put Rkhi in a bad light. She also asked her security to throw him out of her residence.

Abhinav Kohli Slapped By Shweta Tiwari’s Former Husband Raja Choudhary

Shweta Tiwari‘s ex-husband Raja Choudhary slapped her then-boyfriend Abhinav Kohli at the police office. Reportedly, Raja went to meet his daughter Palak at Abhinav’s residence and they had a verbal quarrel. The matter was reported and they visited the police headquarters where the issue aggravated, Raja lost his temper and slapped Abhinav in front of the cops

Karan Singh Grover Slapped By former wife Jennifer Winget

Karan Singh Grover was slapped by former wife Jennifer Winget on the set of ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ when she found out about him allegedly cheating on her. Reportedly, they shot separately for their scenes for several months after this incident. Later, the couple parted ways and both maintained silence over their separation. Karan Singh Grover is now married to Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu.

Rakhi Sawant’s friend Slapped Director Sachendra Sharma

Rakhi Sawant’s Friend slapped director Sachendra Sharma at one of the press conferences for demanding advances from her friend. However, the director clarified that it had been a promotional strategy for their film and the news held no truth.



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