‘It’s Unfair’: Tina Datta’s Father Slams Bigg Boss 16 Makers For Inviting Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s Father On WKV

On Shukravaar Ka Vaar, Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father slammed Tina Datta for trying to misguide his daughter, Now ‘Uttaran’ actress’ dad has responded with a strongly-worded reply.

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta Father Slams Bigg Boss 16 Makers For Inviting Sumbul Touqeer Khan Father On WKV
‘It’s Unfair’: Tina Datta’s Father Slams Bigg Boss 16 Makers For Inviting Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s Father On WKV

Bigg Boss 16’s 2nd Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode with host Salman Khan was fiery and full of sass. Sumbul Touqeer’s father gave her a surprise by being a part of the episode and criticised Tina for insinuating that Sumbul has started developing feelings for Shalin Bhanot. He mentioned about the time when Tina urged Shalin to clear it out with Sumbul if she genuinely likes him, to which he was seen looking visibly shocked. Also Read: Bigg Boss 16: Rakhi Sawant Comes Out In Support Of Sajid Khan: “Jiska Koi Nahi Uska Toh Khuda Hai Yaaro”

Sumbul’s father called out Tina for making a big deal out of Sumbul’s fondness and friendship with Shalin and trying to portray her as a naive, young girl. While Tina stated that she was only imparting advice, Sumbul’s father asked her to beware of whom she calls her her friends inside the house. Later, Tina was seen getting upset with the whole episode and told Shalin and other housemates that she had no evil intentions at heart.


Tina Datta’s Father On Bigg Boss 16 Makers

Reiterating the same, Tina’s father has now questioned the makers as to why only Sumbul’s father was sent on the reality show. He also averred that Tina was only trying to help and that one should not pull someone else’s daughter down to uplift theirs. Also Read: Ayesha Singh Fans Demand ‘NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI’ In GHKPM as They Find Virat ‘Toxic’ & ‘Cheater’- Read Tweets

“If fathers were called on the show, then I too should’ve been invited. It is not fair that just because Sumbul is young, her father was allowed to speak to her. Everyone is equal in a reality show and age, profession or class doesn’t matter,” he said in a statement.

He went on to justify, “Tina only gave an advice to Sumbul so that she does not get hurt going ahead and only for her own sake, Tina had asked her to get her feelings sorted. Main ye hi bolunga ki apni beti ko uthane ke liye dusre ki beti ko neecha nahi dikhana chaiye.”


Meanwhile, post the segment, Sumbul was seen breaking down and crying inconsolably while the housemates tried to cheer her up. On the other hand, Tina was heard telling Shalin that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and that she is being portrayed in a bad light for now fault of hers. Also Read: Sreejita De Becomes The FIRST Evicted Contestant Of Bigg Boss 16, Here’s What BB Fans Expected From Her

Now it will be interesting to see if Sumbul would want to continue her friendship with Tina and Shalin or will she decide to part ways with her first friends inside the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house.



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