Ishaan Khatter Finds New Love After Split with Ananya Panday. Meet Chandni Bainz!

Ishaan Khatter, the rising Bollywood star, has reportedly embarked on a new romantic journey following his breakup with Ananya Panday. According to various reports, he is now romantically involved with Malaysian-Indian model Chandni Bainz. The budding romance came to light when Ishaan was spotted riding his bike with a mysterious woman in July 2022, later revealed to be Chandni Bainz.

Introducing Chandni Bainz: Ishaan Khatter’s New Girlfriend

Ishaan Khatter has officially introduced Chandni Bainz as his girlfriend to his inner circle of friends. Chandni, a striking model of Malaysian and Indian heritage, is known for her captivating beauty and charm. Her father hails from India, adding a diverse dimension to their relationship. Also Read: Vijay Deverakonda Shares 1 Crore Rupees with 100 Families to Celebrate Kushi Movie Success

The Ananya Panday Connection

Ishaan and Ananya Panday’s relationship was widely followed by fans and media alike. They shared numerous moments together, including vacations and social media updates. However, their journey together came to an end, with reports suggesting that their visions for the future didn’t align.

Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter are Dating, in a Relationship

Ananya Panday’s New Chapter with Aditya Roy Kapur

Meanwhile, Ananya Panday has moved on and found love with actor Aditya Roy Kapur. Their relationship remained a well-kept secret until pictures from their European vacation surfaced. The couple’s recent return from a trip to Goa further solidifies their blossoming romance.

Ishaan’s Upcoming Movies

As Ishaan Khatter embarks on a new chapter in his personal life with Chandni Bainz, he also continues to soar in his career. The young actor has an exciting lineup of projects, including his Hollywood debut alongside Nicole Kidman in “The Perfect Couple.” With both love and success on the horizon, Ishaan Khatter’s journey in the entertainment world continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


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