Imlie Written Update 6 November 2021: Malini tells Satyakam how she set him up but Imlie records their conversation. However, she shoots herself to frame Imlie.

Imlie Written Update 6 November 2021: Luck again favours Malini
Imlie Written Update 6 November 2021: Luck again favours Malini

Imlie Written Update: Imlie expresses her concern to Aditya that not just their thinking, but even their truth, has changed and is no longer the same. He then walks away, saying, “Let us stick to our truths and see who will be proven right.” She searches Malini and Satyakam and captures their talk after spotting Malini holding a gun at Satyakam. Satyakam claims to be unafraid of firearms.

She claims that if he shoots her hand and accepts that Imlie ordered it, he will go to jail, and Imlie would be kicked out of Adi’s house and life. Satyakam claims that Imlie and Adi’s love is genuine and that Malini will never put his daughter in danger because of it.

In the living area, Satyakam is apprehended by police, who claim he is a frequent fugitive who will be apprehended. Satyakam is under a shoot-at-sight order, according to the inspector, and he will not be able to flee. Satyakam, according to Mithi, did nothing wrong.

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Imlie warns Malini that if she does not return the pistol, she will record it and reveal it to everyone. Satyakam tells Imlie to leave because he knows Malini won’t be able to shoot him. Satyakam claims to have killed Malini. Imlie defends Satyakam, stating that she will not allow him to remove her father because he is innocent and Malini shot herself.

Satyakam, Radha claims, can’t stand Malini being Adi’s baby’s mother and sees her as a threat to Imlie’s wedded life. They should talk to Imlie, according to Nishant. Harish claims Imlie was once again unjustly defending her father. Aparna believes that as a family, they should help Malini in her time of need.

Malini claims she didn’t have a choice and was terrified, but that was nothing compared to losing Adi. Anu claims the authorities should have arrested Satyakam instead, and that she should have pointed her finger at Imlie. Malini pointed at Imlie, but Satyakam intervened; she told Imlie that she would get her out of T home in three days, reminiscing about the episode and that she would. Malini declares that either Imlie or she will be forced to leave the house.



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