Imlie Written Update 24th July 2021: Stressed Imlie Quits The Competition

Imlie Written Update 24th July 2021:  Imlie says she cannot see her mother in pain, hence she will back off from competition and accept defeat. Her supporters are shocked to hear that.

Imlie Written Update 24th July 2021: Stressed Imlie Quits The Competition
Imlie Written Update 24th July 2021

The episode of Imlie starts with Imlie consoling Aditya and asking him to apologize to Malini. Aditya hopes Malini forgives him. Malini cannot believe that Aditya thought that she will lock him in the room and take revenge on him. Malini thinks all the family wants her to forgive Aditya and reunite. Malini asks herself what does she want, she wants to divorce Aditya and sacrifice her feelings for Aditya-Imlie or stay with Aditya. Malini thinks Aditya has moved on, so there is no point looking behind. Imlie hides her medal. Aditya asks Imlie to show it. Imlie says there is no value in that medal. Aditya says whatever Imlie is doing is for their family. Aditya says Imlie will perform the final task and win it. Imlie says in the final task she will need Aparna and doesn’t know if Aparna will do the task with her. Aparna hears their conversation and thinks that she will participate in the task but will not let Imlie win the task.

The next day, the host welcomes everyone and says that today’s final task will be held between Mrs. Prachi Arora and Mrs. Imlie Tripathi. The host says the Saas-Bahu relationship is a combination of sour and spiciness. He says today they will be asking questions to Imlie and Prachi about their mother-in-law and if they answer it correctly they will get a point and if the answer is wrong then their mother-in-law has to eat a chilly as punishment.

Renu and Prachi start practicing their questions. Anu looks at Aparna and thinks even Tripathi family hate’s Imlie. Aditya tells Imlie about Aparna. Imlie says she has lived with them for a while and knows Aparna well. Renu and Prachi go on the stage. Imlie also goes on the stage. Renu asks Aparna if she doesn’t want to participate. She says if Aparna will not participate then they will win automatically. Aparna thinks she will participate but will not let Imlie win and goes on the stage.


The judge questions Imlie and Prachi. Both give the right answer. Anu asks Imlie the second question. Imlie writes the correct answer but Aparna writes something else which will make Imlie lose. Aparna has to eat chilly as Imlie gave the wrong answer. Prachi gives the right answer to her 2nd question. Anu asks the 3rd question. Aparna again writes the wrong answer and eats chilly.

Imlie asks her why she is doing such. Aparna says she doesn’t accept Imlie as her Bahu and will not let her win too. Imlie decides not to continue the game. Rupali asks what is Aparna doing. Aditya says Aparna is giving wrong answers so that Imlie losses.

Anu asks why she doesn’t want to continue. Imlie says she participated in the competition to win the love of Aparna but she already lost her, so there is no point playing the game. Imlie says she cannot see Aparna in pain and has decided to quit the task.



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