Imlie Upcoming Twist: Aryan Forced To Marry Malini?

Imlie Upcoming Twist: Aryan goes to police station and gets Imlie released by proving she’s innocent.

Imlie Upcoming Twist: Aryan Forced To Marry Malini
Imlie Upcoming Twist: Aryan Forced To Marry Malini?

There is a lot of drama going on after the leap in the serial ‘Imlie‘. Imlie and Aryan have once again clashed after nearly 5-years because of Cheeni. Malini got furious after she learnt about the meeting of Imlie and Aryan. Malini is trying to get Aryan by all means. In the recent episodes, we saw, Malini food poisioned ladoos bring by Imlie for school children. Many fall ill after eating laddoos. Wherein cheeni causes vomiting of blood. All the kids get hospitalized and this leads to Imlie’s arrest.

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan (Fahmaan Khan) gives blood to Cheeni who needs it remembering that his blood group matched to Cheeni and thus he can give blood to her. Later, Aryan blames the entire incident on Imlie and gets her arrested. Imlie repeats and states that she is innocent but police drag her. Also Read: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Twist: Virat Rescues Pakhi Attempting Suicide, With This Will She Get Her Demands Fulfilled?


Cheeni makes Aryan realize that he has once eaten Imlie’s handmade Ladoo. Aryan gets shocked and asks Malini to come along with him with the proof that proves Imlie guilty. They show the video to the inspector and Aryan states that Imlie is innocent as he himself had three ladoos made by Imlie and he is alright while the kids ate one ladoo and fell sick. He also gets a ladoo prepared by Imlie as a proof.

Police releases Imlie. Aryan tells her that he still wants the apology letter. Imlie denies giving the same to him.

Imlie Upcoming Twist

Now, twist that comes ahead is, Anu calls Aryan and offers him to get married to Malini for business’s sake this will leave Aryan worried. Imlie too will get to know this and will be hurt. as per TellyChakkar report.


Well, it will be interesting to see what will be Aryan’s decision and how he tackles Malini’s plan.

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