Imlie Upcoming Story: Cheeni Plans To Reunite Imlie & Aryan After Learning Their Past Connection

Imlie Upcoming Story: Malini says that she will not let Imlie return in Aryan’s life till she is alive. Cheeni gets to know Aryan and Imlie’s past connection.

Imlie Upcoming Story: Cheeni Plans To Reunite Imlie & Aryan After Learning Their Past Connection
Cheeni Plans To Reunite Imlie & Aryan After Learning Their Past Connection

Sumbul Touqeer and Fahmaan Khan starrer show Imlie has undergo a major twist after the separation of lead star couple Imlie and Aryan. The present track revolves around Imlie and Aryan’s heartbreaking separation. After 5 year leap, Imlie living in Pagdandiya with Malini’s daughter Gudiya aka Cheeni and she’s a small reporter in local news channel. Other hand, Aryan Singh Rathore has no purpose in life after Cheeku’s death. He indulges in street fights to punish himself as he want to die. Narmada and Arpita wants their old Aryan back while Aryan burns all the memories of Imlie from his life.

Now in the upcoming episodes, Aryan will eventually be in Pagdandiya as one of Imlie’s reports will put a bad impact on Bhaskar Times. Aryan (Fahmaan Khan) will be shocked to cross paths with Imlie again. The two will be totally against each other. Imlie will focus on sending Aryan out of the village while Aryan would want to teach a lesson to Imlie. Also Read: Kanika Mann Cheated During Task With Rubina Dilaik In Khatron Ke Khiladi 12?


Imlie Upcoming Story

As per IndiaForums, Aryan will be seen bonding with Cheeni (played by Keva Shefali) not realising that she’s the same baby that he used to bond brilliantly 5 years ago. Imlie tries to send Aryan out of the village while Aryan attempts to get rid of Imlie. However, when villagers humiliate Imlie and the kid, Aryan takes their side. To worsen things up, Malini and Anu too will reach the village to create more problems in Cheeni and Imlie’s life.

Imlie Upcoming Story: Imlie and Cheeku (Keva Shefali) Face Humiliation By Villagers, Aryan Comes To Rescue Them; Will Imlie Reveal The Identity Of The Child?

Furthermore, Cheeni finds out the past of Imlie & Aryan and decides to unite them. Aryan decides to return to the city for good but the kid follows him in the boot of his car. Once they reach Rathore house, she insists on having Imlie around. Aryan has no choice but to get Imlie back home. Also Read: Times When Ranveer Singh Showed Us How To ‘Bling It’


What will Imlie’s stand n this? will she decide to come back to city and live with Aryan again?

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