Imlie Spoiler: Imlie finds proof against Jyoti, Aryan Gets To Know Madhav’s Reality

Imlie Spoiler: Aryan takes Imlie to the room and reveals that Madhav had given her sleeping pills and that is how she doesn’t remember anything.

Imlie Spoiler: Imlie and Aryan, Sumbul & Fahmaan Khan
Imlie Spoiler: Imlie finds proof against Jyoti, Aryan Gets To Know Madhav’s Reality

Imlie, the star plus show has seen engaging drama with Jyoti (Vaibhavi Kapoor) showing her true colour by injuring Madhav so that he is not able to say anything. Now, the drama has Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) worrying about Aryan’s (Fahmaan Khan) perspective. She has been telling him that she knows very well of him being the father of her kid, but he wants proof.

At this juncture, we saw how Imlie has dressed up as a maid by name Carry and is trying to find out more about the person who is responsible for this problem. Also Read: Top 13 Highest Grossers Of Akshay Kumar


The coming episode, Imlie sees that Narmada and everyone plan to go to the temple for Jyoti’s fast, just then Jyoti arrives, and while leaving she gives her shoes to Imlie. When Imlie matches the shoe-prints she is left in shock. Jyoti is the culprit but she is still not able to believe it. On the other hand, Aryan goes to the medical shop to get proof but the manager reveals they don’t have the footage. Will Imlie get proof against Jyoti? Also Read: Here’s How Much The Star Cast Of Anupamaa Earns Per Episode

However, she will not be able to believe that the person is Jyoti, as Jyoti has always been supportive of her and Aryan.


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