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I Am Not Against Bold Scenes, Exposure, N*dity: Nehha Pendse

Nehha Pendse isn’t new within the show business. She started her career within the TV industry in 1995 and did her first Bollywood film in 1999.

She has acted in several major Hindi films like Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin, Daag: the hearth, Devdas, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji & Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and has been a neighborhood of South film industries also. But the way Bigg Boss 12 and Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain helped her career, nothing else did.

Nehha recently in an interview opened about how Bigg Boss helped her career. She also opened about if she’s comfortable doing bold scenes if any OTT show within the future demands it.

In a conversation with ETimes TV, Nehha Pendse said, “No, actually once I was a particular age i might think no kissing, no lovemaking scenes if I even have talent I can show it through my acting. But now i feel with exposure to world cinema, good cinema I’ve understood one thing, if the maker is true, if he has the proper understanding of showing it, if the script really demands kissing scenes or bold scenes, I don’t mind doing it. I can consider it. Having said that i’m not ready for erotic movies which is only about lovemaking and kissing scenes. i might never be a neighborhood of such movies or content. If the maker is sweet and there are numerous good bold scenes that have only begin the day it should be because the maker has handled it well. You don’t feel you’re watching something cringeworthy. Otherwise, it could fail. i’m not against bold scenes, exposure, n*dity it’s all about perspective and that i am ready for an honest perspective.”

Nehha was also seen in Family Time With Kapil which ended abruptly. And there are many of us who believe that Bigg Boss 12 didn’t end up the way it had been expected to. And this really worked against her favour. Talking about an equivalent, she said, “With Kapil Sharma’s show Family Time with Kapil Sharma I won’t deny, I felt that the show shutting down abruptly was a pure case of bad timing. But as far as Bigg Boss cares I don’t think it didn’t add my favour. Because then show I got opportunities but the offers came my way i was unable to relate with them. and therefore the problem is that this, the offers that come my way on television are often those which I can’t relate with. At that point i was in a dilemma whether to take advantage the recognition of Bigg Boss or to remain faithful the artist inside you or yourself. I feel I even have skilled a serious change or transformation as an artist within the last two years. My thoughts have completely changed.”


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