How India’s Bhavani Devi created history in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

How Indian fender Bhavani Devi created history in Tokyo Olympics 2020
How India’s Bhavani Devi created history in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Here’s How Bhavani Devi Created History Tokyo Olympics 2020: July 26, 2021. On this day, an Indian fencer recorded India’s name in the history of the Olympics. India participated in the sport of fencing for the first time in the Olympics. And the name of the player who represented India in this game is CA Bhavani Devi. Not only this, Bhavani Devi achieved an even bigger achievement by winning her and the Indian team’s first match in the Olympics.

However, Bhavani Devi lost in the very next round and was eliminated from the Olympics. Bhavani defeated Tunisia’s Nadia Bin Azizi 15–3 in her round of 64 match but lost 7–15 to Menon Brunet in the very next match. But in the game, there is always victory and defeat. That is the spirit of the game as well. But the great thing is that India has put its footsteps in the fencing of the Olympics.

Fencing has been a part of the Olympics since 1896. But after 125 years, an Indian showed his skill in this game. World number 42 Bhavani Devi won everyone’s heart with her performance in the very first match.


In this match played at Makuhari Messe Hall, Bhavani Devi faced Tunisia’s Nadia Bin Azizi. Bhavani started the match very carefully and allowed the Tunisia player to attack. But due to Bhavani’s strong defense, he did not allow Nadia to earn points. Seeing the opportunity, Bhavani started the counter attack and immediately took the lead of 8-0. The situation remained the same in the second period as well and Bhavani easily won the match by a score of 15-3 without giving any special chances to her opposition player. It took just 6 minutes for Bhavani to win this match.

Let us tell you that in this game the player who reaches the first 15 points wins the match.

How did Bhavani get out?

In the round of 32, Bhavani met Menon Brunet of France. Brunette, who was a silver medalist in World No. 3 and World Championship, was seen dominating Bhavani Devi from the very beginning. Both the players started off in an attacking manner but each time points were awarded to the French player under the ‘right of way’. According to the rule of ‘Right of Way’, if both the players attack, then the player who attacks first is given a point. Due to this, the French player took an 8-2 lead in the first period.


Menon Brunet’s skills were really worth watching and he defeated Bhavani 15-7 within the second period. This match lasted for about 10 minutes.


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