Holi 2021: Quick Tips to keep your skin safe on Festival of Colours

Holi 2021 is simply fortnight away and all people across the country are gearing to celebrate the festival of colors. Last year the mood for Holi was dampened by COVID-19 because the virus had just begun to spread. This year, however, people are eagerly waiting to celebrate Holi with their loved ones, albeit keeping in mind the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Although Holi may be a fun-filled festival, what comes post the celebrations is usually deemed the toughest. Yes, we are talking about getting the Holi colours off your skin. People play with chemical colours and greases which may be problematic for the skin. But worry not, as these simple tips will assist you keep your skin safe from colours.

Safe Holi with Herbal Colors

Holi is widely known with utmost joy and elation by applying colours to every other. it’s definitely the fun part however using chemically manufactured colours can cause adverse effects on the skin, hair and environment. Thus, herbal colours are the simplest choice. These colours are one hundred pc natural and keep the skin, hair also as environment safe. The herbal colours are often easily washed off also.

In a critical situation just like the pandemic, it’s necessary to make sure the security of your friends, family and yourself too. The herbal colours or the organic colours are one hundred pc safe and may keep you faraway from irritation or allergies that some chemicals cause. The natural colours are free from copper, sulphate, lead, oxide and mercury which are the main components of synthetic colours.

Here’re Some Quick Tips You Should Follow for Holi 2021

Oil your Hair

Oiling your hair is extremely important because it greases your hair, making it easy to scrub away the colors with shampoo. Not oiling your hair can cause the colors getting absorbed in your scalp and cause dryness of hair. So do not forget to grease your hair before the celebrations start.

Put Some sunscreen

Petroleum jelly is that the oldest hack and remedy for skin related problems. Before stepping bent play Holi, rub some petrolatum on your eyelids, lips, ears, hairline and between nail cuticles because it becomes easier to scrub the colors off them later.

Rub ice cubes on your face

This is a lesser-known tip. Rubbing an cube on the face helps to minimise and shut open pores, thus preventing the absorption of colors in your skin. Cleanse your face with a face wash then rub the ice cubes. Follow this by sunscreen and moisturiser application.

Moisturise your skin

Put moisturiser or oil on your arms, legs and other exposed areas because it will keep the skin hydrated and you’ll be ready to get obviate the colors without much effort afterward.

Wear Cotton clothes

Most people plan to wear old clothes on Holi but avoid wearing synthetic clothes as they will trap the colors and chemicals can cause skin dryness and itchiness. Instead, choose breathable fabrics like cotton clothes.

Apply nail paint

Colours can grind to a halt between long nails which not only looks bad but also can be harmful. So do not forget to trim your nails and apply nail paint on them before you enjoy the festivities.

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