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Himansh Kohli On His Break Up With Neha Kakkar: ‘She’s moved on and I’m living my dream life’

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli broke up in 2018. She went on to marry Rohanpreet Singh in 2020. While she has spoken on the topic, he chose to be silent.

Himansh Kohli On His Break Up With Neha Kakkar
Himansh Kohli On His Break Up With Neha Kakkar (pic credit- himansh kohli/neha kakkar/instagram)

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli, who were once upon a time a stunning couple, separated in 2018. Their break-up news remained a hot topic of dialogue for months. While Neha on several occasions spoke about her break-up, the actor faced tons of flak for remaining silent thereon. Now finally in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actor has opened about his hack and sounded quite upset with people as they kept targeting him.

Himansh Kohli On His Break Up With Neha Kakkar-

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, on the difficulty of why he didn’t speak before, Himansh Kohli said: “It was my breakup. Why do i want to elucidate it to the world about what happened in my house? How does that interest anybody?”

A lot was written and spoken about him. Responding to how the media frenzy affected him, he mentioned that some things happened the way they did, adding that he’s not a nasty person. “This has been happening since 2018. i do not blame Neha also now. She has moved on, she is happy. i’m happy for her. i’m happy for myself. i’m living my dream life, making money, and entertaining more audiences. But there are some people that are still stuck in 2018 whereas we live in 2021. you cannot do anything about it. Some people feel I even have done something bad to an individual. But i do know that i’m not a nasty person.”

He added how he would haven’t got a peaceful sleep if he had done some wrong to anybody in life. Having said so, he didn’t think it necessary to elucidate publicly what’s right and what’s wrong. “I wouldn’t get a peaceful sleep needless to say if I even have done wrong to anybody in my life. Neither do i want to elucidate publicly what’s right and what’s wrong. People should have the sense that if something is wrong in someone’s house, you don’t create a scene outside. You solve it inside your house,” said the actor.

Looking back, Himansh did have a word to mention about how people are happening with the topic despite the very fact that such a lot time has gone and far of it’s toxic. “She did her bit, she was angry. She must have posted something. i used to be angry I didn’t post anything. But who is more toxic now? Toxic are the people now those that keep pinpointing you, keep it up poking you, which isn’t required. i do not want to be putting a blame on anyone. That’s why I never spoke up. i do not want to place any derogatory remarks on her. We are neutral – there’s no love, there is no hate. If we will maintain this, people should also do an equivalent.”

Neha went on to marry Rohanpreet Singh in October last year. The couple often posts romantic pictures with one another.


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