GHKPM Upcoming Story: Pakhi will hatch yet another conspiracy to throw Sai out of the house. Here Sai will tell Virat that she is very irritated with the new doctor. Virat will tell Satya to improve

GHKPM Upcoming Story: Pakhi Gives An Ultimatum To Virat, Satya-Sai’s Nokjhok

In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, a cute tussle is going on between Satya and Sai. In the episode it is shown that lunch falls on Sayi’s apron. On this she shouts at Satya. Now Sai has patients waiting and she is worried about the stain on the apron. Now Satya will come to help Sai, she will get more irritated. On the other hand, some women leaders raise slogans of Bhavani Murdabad. These people shout in favor of Pakhi, stop the atrocities. Pakhi speaks against the family members in front of everyone.

Sai confronts Satya again

The show starts with the hospital scene. Sai (Ayesha Singh) looks upset in this. She is getting the stain out of her apron. Just then Satya reaches there. He brings ice and lemon to remove the stain. Also brings food for Sai. Sai refuses to take their help. Satya (Harshad Arora) will say that if she does not allow him to do so, he will die of guilt. Sai says on this, die now. Also Read: When Karan Kundrra Called His Twitter Trollers ‘Jealous Souls’ And Revealed He Doesn’t Give Importance To Them At All

Pakhi got the show done by paying

Here Mahila Morcha reaches home crying for Bhavani to get justice for Pakhi. Bhavani has an argument with him. They demand to throw Sai out of the house. By then Virat comes there and tells them that they are talking about separating Savi from her mother or father in order to get justice for Pakhi. He exposes Pakhi in front of everyone that he got this drama done at home by paying Rs 4 lakh. The whole house tells Pakhi. On this she gets angry as to why everyone remained calm on the Holi incident.

Sai mentions Satya to Virat

Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) vents her anger on Holi. Virat gets embarrassed remembering his actions. Patralekha will tell everyone fiercely. Pakhi tells Virat that he is her husband and it is her duty to fulfill his wish. Virat will have to take concrete steps to get Sai out of the house. She gives him time till he returns from the factory.

GHKPM Upcoming Story

In the upcoming episode pre-cap, it will be shown that Sai will tell Virat about Doctor Adhikari. Virat will say that if he is troubling you then he can take action. On this she says that she cannot bother the DCP of Nagpur for such a small thing. Virat tells her that apart from DCP, he is her something else as well. Sai speaks on this and asks, who am I to you?



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