Gautam Vig Fumes In Anger After Shalin Bhanot Kisses Soundarya Sharma, Calls Him ‘Cheap’ In Latest Bigg Boss 16 Promo

Soundarya Sharma is seen getting kissed by Shalin Bhanot, which she doesn’t like and even Gautam Vig calls Shalin ‘cheap.’

Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma Relationship Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot Kiss Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Tina Datta
Gautam Vig Fumes In Anger After Shalin Bhanot Kisses Soundarya Sharma, Calls Him ‘Cheap’ In Latest Bigg Boss 16 Promo

Bigg Boss 16 started on October 1 and the show has already become witness to several controversies. The contestants for the present season of Salman Khan hosted show have come from all over the country with different backgrounds. The show is quite popular for its doses of drama and action. Over the years, numerous love stories have brewed inside the house, in this season also it seems people are catching feelings.

In the past few days of the Bigg Boss house, the housemates have noticed that something is brewing between Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig. It came to notice when Shalin Bhanot jokingly kissed Soundarya on the cheek, and it did not go down well with Gautam. He told Tina Datta that he is fine with such jokes, especially when that person is aware of his feelings for her. He also told Shalin that he does not like his flirting with Soundarya as he likes her. Also Read: Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan Will Be Out Of The Show ‘Within A Week’: Report


Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma

In the recent promo, in an attempt to tease Gautam, Shalin Bhanot kissed Soundarya on the cheek. Gautam gets pissed off and calls this act ‘cheap’. Shalin says that she had kissed him first, and it means nothing. Gautam says he does not like such behaviour. Soundarya gets very upset with Gautam’s behavior and says that he is behaving as if he has been dating Soundarya for 10 years, and Shalin has been flirting with his girlfriend. She storms out of the area and says in anger, “pati hai kya mera”. Later Tina also says that if her boyfriend behaves like this, she will have a problem. Also Read: Bigg Boss 16: Dalljiet Kaur Reacts After Shalin Bhanot Calls ‘Abusive Marriage’ Claims False

Meanwhile, currently there are few love angles running inside the BB16 house and audiences have already enjoying it.



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