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Fans Praise Kavya aka Madalsa Sharma After She Bashed Pakhi For Misbehaving With Anupama

In the recent episode of Anupama, we saw that Pakhi misbehaves with her mother Anupama. No one stops Pakhi in the meantime and then Kavya aka Madalsa Sharma gets angry seeing all this and takes Pakhi’s class.

Fans Praise Kavya aka Madalsa Sharma After She Bashed Pakhi For Misbehaving With Anupama
Fans Praise Kavya aka Madalsa Sharma After She Bashed Pakhi For Misbehaving With Anupama

TV’s popular show is Anupama, which is being the most watched show since the beginning. Every character from the show is famous and now have made a household name. Rupali Ganguly is playing the lead of Anupama in the show, who is the favorite of the audience. Let us tell you that when the show started, Kavya came as a vamp in the show. Madalsa Sharma, who is playing the character of Kavya, comes between Vanraj and Anupama. She has an affair with Vanraj and then marries him. At that time, Kavya’s character was hated a lot. Everyone used to troll Kavya because of her negative role.

However, in the recent episode, Kavya did something that everyone except Anupama is praising her. Actually, the track of the show which is currently going on, it is being shown that after the arrival of little Anu, Pakhi starts hating Anupama (Rupali Ganguly). At the same time, when Anupama does not allow Pakhi to stay at Kapadia House, Pakhi’s hatred increases. Also Read: Shraddha Arya and Arjun Bijlani To Star In Karan Johar’s Upcoming Movie! Details Out


Now in the last episode, Anupama goes to Shah House, where Pakhi insults her a lot. She calls him very bad which everyone is shocked to hear. On the other hand, Anupama gets shocked after hearing all this from the daughter’s mouth. But during this time Kavya supports Anupama. Kavya remembers how Anupama supported her when she was getting married to Vanraj after getting Anupama’s divorce. Also Read: Rakhi Sawant Jams Traffic On Road, Mumbai Police Takes Strong Action- Watch Video

Just after remembering the same thing, Kavya narrates it to Pakhi. She says that it is better to have such a daughter than to have no child. This scene of Kavya is being praised. By sharing this scene, everyone is commenting that it is Kavya who is right in the show. He remembers the goodness of Anupama and supported Anupama and showed that she is also good at heart. Fans are sharing Kavya’s video on Twitter. One user wrote, “She is selfish but bolti sahi hai trash ko bhi aayna dikhati hai usk per joke bhi mast deti now pakhi,yesterday it was baa,jo hum Anu ke muh se sunna chahte wo K ker rahi hai Anu ko makers weakest char bana diya shah ke samne sare shah except sumar but anu ka mayaka mode on hai”.

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Another tweeted, “SueCents: Kavya’s slate has been wiped clean today. I’ve waited for this day for so long! She’s the only 1 (in the grp of toxic ppl) with a conscience right frm the initial epis & she deserves this growth. My girl has done well”

Anupama Upcoming Story

In the upcoming episode you will see that Anuj will reach the house of Shah family and when he sees Anupama’s condition, he will say that enough is enough. Now he has to speak for Anupama. Let us see what lesson Anuj now teaches to Vanraj and the rest of the family members.


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