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Karan Mehra’s Shocking Revelations On His Troubled Marriage: ‘Nisha Spat On Me, Her Brother Threatened To Kill Me’

Actor Karan Mehra was arrested on Monday night after wife Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against him. He has been granted bail.

Karan Mehra Nisha Rawal marriage trouble case

Actor Karan Mehra was arrested on Monday night after allegedly assaulting his wife Nisha Rawal. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai star has been married for more than eight years. Nisha filed a complaint in the Goregaon (Mumbai) police station alleging that after an argument, Karan pushed her against a wall, and hurt her head.

After he was freed on bail on Tuesday, the TV actor told that his wife ‘smashed her head on the wall’ after the alimony discussions between them failed. He has even called the case filed against him as ‘false’.

In an interview with, Karan Mehra said that Nisha Rawal and he were not on good terms and were trying to save their marriage. He said that his wife’s brother Rohit Sethiya had come to their house to settle down things between them, however, later, Nisha and he asked for a huge alimony. After refusing to pay such alimony, Nisha’s brother threatened Karan with legal action.

Mehra admits that he is heartbroken that things have come to this stage. He adds, “I have been disrespected and now to use the bechari girl card is unbelievable. People know me in the industry and know what I have put into this marriage and done things for her. Today, I am not in a position to give what she wants and this is what I get? Jab lavish life thi, tum enjoy karte the, aaj bura time hai, we have to cope, toh you want to separate. I agreed to separation but to take everything, is not done. Karan ko sadak pe lao aur hume saare paise mile, yeh plan hai. If I give her all what I earn, what will I survive on.”

Karan Mehra said, “After the conversation, I came to my room. I was talking to my mother over the phone when Nisha barged in and started hurling abuses at me, my parents, and my brother. She started shouting loudly and not only that Nisha even spat on me. When I asked Nisha to go out, she threatened me by saying ‘see what I do now’ and went out. She then smashed her head on the wall, and told everyone that I did it.”

Karan Says Nisha’s Brother Assaulted Him In the statement, Karan Mehra further revealed that his wife Nisha’s brother Rohit assaulted him and even hit him on the chest. He stated that they are lying and created a scene at home. “Nisha’s brother came and raised his hand on me. He assaulted me…slapped me and hit me on the chest too. I told his brother that I had not hit Nisha, and he could check it on the camera of the house, but the cameras were already switched off. They started recording all the videos, and then they called the police, but the police also did nothing because they know what the truth is,” the Bigg Boss 10 contestant added. He further mentioned that the truth will come out and he is waiting for the same.

The couple had set up cameras inside the house as they have staff but Mehra claims that Rawal and her brother, apparently, had switched them off before she banged her head. “There was no proof of what she did. And they suddenly took out their phone cameras to record what happened. It felt like a plot against. They called the police and so did I and even the cops understood what the truth was. I am not a violent person and I told Nisha to swear on our son that I did that but she didn’t,” says the actor, who is at his friend’s place and will go home to pick up his stuff.

In 2008, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal met on the sets of her film Hastey Hastey, where he was working as a stylist. As the shoot progressed, the two became good friends, and love bloomed soon after. The couple tied the knot in November 2012 in a big fat Indian wedding style. They also participated in Nach Baliye 5 together. Karan and Nisha welcomed their first baby Kavish Mehra in 2017.


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