Did Eijaz Khan Eliminated For Sensational Expose Of Bigg Boss Makers?

Did Eijaz Khan Eliminated For Sensational Expose Of Bigg Boss Makers?
Did Eijaz Khan Eliminated For Sensational Expose Of Bigg Boss Makers ? (pic- eijaz khan/instagram)

It was reported earlier that this Weekend Ka Vaar will witness a shocking elimination. it’ll be the top of Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s journey. On Sunday, she is had eliminated from Bigg Boss 14. It comes as a shock to the fans as Devoleena had higher votes in comparison to Nikki and Rakhi.

As this elimination is close to happen, the fans are busy trying to research the rationale behind it. Devoleena who came as a proxy to Eijaz Khan was playing on his behalf. If she gets evicted from the show, it means Eijaz is additionally evicted.

It comes as a surprise because a couple of days ago Eijaz Khan announced that he’s able to make a re-entry within the house. it had been being said that he’s in touch with the manufacturers and is happy to form a comeback; but looks like that’s not getting to happen anymore.

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Reports have suggested that Eijaz’s exit was all planned by the makers. During a BB news conference task, Eijaz Khan exposed the show’s makers. He alleged that the makers are favoring Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin. He further revealed that the makers have a selected role fixed for Rubina. In how, he suggested that the makers have already fixed Rubina as a winner for the show.

Because of the very fact that Eijaz exposed the show makers and alleged that behind the scenes, the story is different to what we see on screen, it’s now being said that it had been the Bigg Boss makers who planned his exit. Viewers have suggested that the makers gave him a proxy so on keep Eijaz fans engaged and hooked to the show. Over the course of Devoleena’s time within the house, even Eijaz Khan fans voted for her hoping that keeping her safe would ensure Eijaz’s spot within the finale.

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But with as Devoleena has eliminated from the house, there are not any chances of Eijaz Khan reentering the house. So is that this a payback to what Eijaz did during his time within the house and for his act to show the makers?

If Rubina does win the show now, will it’s a sour victory as Eijaz hinted at her fixed win, while before.

Viewers have a divided opinion on this. While some believe that this decision is acceptable and something that the voters have decided, some believe that this is often unfair to Eijaz. Bigg Boss fans have acknowledged that Eijaz wasn’t present within the house for many of the time, now if he comes towards the top and gets an immediate entry into the Finale week, it’ll be unfair to other contestants who are within the house, all this point.

Some have said that the makers are unfair to Eijaz and shouldn’t have eliminated him. Devoleena had more votes in comparison to Nikki and Rakhi which suggests she should are safe. All the Ticket to finale tasks were designed only to make sure that the contestants favored by Bigg Boss makers head towards Finale. 9 Also Read- Deepika Padukone Gives Befitting Reply To Abusive Troll, Says “Wow, Your Family Must Be…” )


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