Delhi rapper MC Kode goes missing After Being Threatened On Social Media- Reports

Delhi rapper MC Kode Missing

Rapper MC Kode is popularly known for his singles like Vanchit, Pareshan, Doob and Gully. One of his old videos went viral recently that garnered him a lot of flak from the Indian audience. He shared a few stories apologizing for the offensive words that he used before going missing. The stories went viral on the internet as netizens are trying their best to find rapper MC Kode. 

According to many on Instagram, who follow the rapper’s private account, Kode had posted a message in which he had threatened to end his life. Screenshot of his Instagram story has went viral on internet.

In a long note, Mc Kode expressed how he has been facing constant suffering, trials and tribulations of life have made him weak. Kode said that he was standing at an isolated bridge near the Yamuna river where he could see the waves ‘answering his distress call’ while giving him ‘much-needed perspective’.

On Instagram, MC Kode, posted a lengthy message on how his relentless suffering, hardships, and tribulations of life have gotten him weak. Kode stated that he was standing on a deserted bridge near the Yamuna river, where he could see the waves “answering his distress call” and providing him with “much-needed perspective.” He apologized to his close ones for his selfish action and said that he was aware that it will bring them grief. However, he added that he wanted them to realise that he was finally going to be at peace and would be able to safeguard the people around him. 

The controversy arose last week after a short clip of a rap battle video, which was posted on YouTube on June 12, 2016, went viral on social media. In Aditya Tiwari’s video, he was seen using foul language against Hinduism. The rapper had notified authorities that he had received threats from local goons and that a bounty had been placed on his head. The rapper’s disappearance has gone viral on Twitter today. Many people are already looking for him. A discussion has also erupted on why social media trials are harmful to people’s mental health. Take a look at some netizens trying to search for the rapper. 


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