Debattama Saha Talks About Sumbul Touqeer’s Game In Bigg Boss 16: ‘She Can’t Fake It’

After Salman Khan schools Sumbul Touqeer Khan for her ‘invisibilty’ in the BB house, Mithai Actress Debattama Saha has come out in support of Sumbul and said that she needs motivation right now.

Debattama Saha Talks About Sumbul Touqeer Game In Bigg Boss 16: She Can not Fake It
Debattama Saha Talks About Sumbul Touqeer’s Game In Bigg Boss 16: ‘She Can’t Fake It’

Bigg Boss 16 has created a decent buzz in the first month and the contestants are going all out to secure their places in the house. Sumbul Touqeer Khan, who is one of the most trended personality of the season has been tagged as the least contributor for the show by other contestants. The young actress was even called out by Salman Khan for being less active in house’ matters.

Sumbul’s fans have been her constant support these days. Now, Sumbul’s good friend & actress Debattama Saha has come out in support of her and also said that the actress, in her young age, is going through a lot of and needs a strong support by her side. Also Read: Shraddha Kapoor Confirms Stree 2!


Sumbul Touqeer Needs Strong Support In The House

Talking to Zoom Media, On Sumbul being not able to adjust herself in the BB house, Debattama said, “It is not only about opening up, when you see someone is teaming up against you, it could be a tree where and you constantly speak ill to it, it will wilt, and so is the case in the house as well. Because I have known her for years and everything, she needs some kind of support right now. She is just 18 and trying to do her best. If someone tells her to not be her real self, so then that is not her. She is honest and she is very blunt, she can’t fake it.”

She further added that everyone is being nice to her in front of her but later backstabs her, “Why is everyone taking Sumbul’s name? There has to be a reason right? I am not going to say everything, everyone knows it. Because in front of Sumbul, they are showing something but it is completely different behind her back, it doesn’t make any sense and if this is the kind of maturity, then I don’t need to be mature.” Also Read:
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The Mithai actress concluded saying, “Sumbul needs motivation right now, and I can only wish she can come out a stronger and a better person because she is going through a lot over there and she is just too young. She is still accepting things, and people should at least try to understand things from her perspective also.”

Meanwhile, Sumbul has a big fanbase outside that won her BB popularity contests and her name is always in discussion.

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