Bigg Boss OTT Day 20 Written Update: Raqesh Bapat-Shamita Shetty’s Growing Closeness To Entire House Punished Because Of Divya

Bigg Boss OTT Day 20 Written Update: Raqesh Bapat was seen comforting a crying Shamita Shetty by hugging her. The entire house got punished because of Divya Agarwal. Read what heppened.

Bigg Boss OTT Day 20 Written Update: Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty Goe On A Dinner Date
Bigg Boss OTT Day 20 Written Update: Raqesh Bapat-Shamita Shetty’s Growing Closeness To Entire House Punished Because Of Divya

Bigg Boss OTT Day 20 Written Update: The day begins with Akshara Singh being asked to take up cleaning responsibilities because there are fewer staff. Akshara claims she is unable to do so because she is physically and emotionally ill. If allowed, Akshara tells her housemates that she will make her own food and clean her own dishes.

Shamita Shetty And Akshara Singh Hear To Heart Coversation

Shamita is attempting to reconcile her issues with Akshara. Shamita encourages Akshara to express her emotions. Shamita has always made Akshara feel as if she doesn’t exist for her, and that everyone makes comments about her now and then. Shamita confesses there are some things she doesn’t comprehend. She hugs Akshara and reminds her that she is not alone, and she asks her to break out of this emotional phase for her own sake.

Shamita asks Raqesh For a kiss

Shamita asks Raqesh to kiss her after he adorably asks her if he can do something else for her in the kitchen. Raqesh plants a peck on Shamita’s cheeks leaving Neha in awe. 

Pratik Sehajpal informs Divya Agarwal, Akshara, and Millind Gaba that he will make everything available to them, but that they should do some work if they are able. Millind believes Pratik bowed down to their objection, while Divya and Akshara believe it was all part of a larger plan to make them appear decent.

Nishant Bhatt Blames Divya Agarwal For Zeeshan Khan’s Evcition

Nishant Bhat holds Divya responsible for the mayhem that ensued because they misunderstood the objective and were forced to absorb the loss after Zeeshan Khan was evicted. Divya, on the other hand, is not convinced. Shamita, Neha, and Pratik are all in favour of Divya being punished. Divya slams Neha for claiming that her periods were the reason she didn’t do the housework. Divya’s captaincy, according to Neha, was on par with gunda gardi. Divya informs Neha that she has disliked her since Day 1 and admits that she talks about her freely rather than hiding her genuine intentions like others do.

Milind Gaba and Neha Bhasin Lock Horns

Millind and Neha had a heated verbal spat because they are uncomfortable in each other’s company. While Millind admits that he felt at ease when Neha got extremely close to him and said he could feel his body, and she even admitted that she wasn’t wearing her underwear. Neha retaliates, claiming that it was all in good fun and that there was no need to be offended. Both Neha and Millind, according to Moose, were wrong in their own ways. Millind should have aired his dissatisfaction right then and there, according to Pratik, and the rest of the house disagrees except for the Boss Man and Boss Lady

Divya refuses to take the ‘Dand,’ and as a result, the entire house is punished. Because Divya declined, Shamita and Raqesh refuse to accept the ‘Dand’ (Punishment). Everybody in the house is trying to come up with a strategy to cope with Divya. Raqesh declares that he will bury all of Divya’s stuff.

Akshara and Divya Praises Raqesh Bapat

As Akshara and Divya get ready, they talk about Raqesh and praise him for his good character. However, Akshara says that they are not in Bigg Boss to get a character certificate. But Divya, instead tells her that character is important at the time of voting as the audience makes the judgment according to it. Divya adds that this is a reality show which shows them 24/7 with 80 cameras, thus, it is important to maintain a good character. She further tells Akshara that her Hindi improvised a lot because of the Bigg Boss show. As their conversation goes on, Akshara tells Divya that she finds only one thing wrong in Pratik as he is not playing this game as a game.


The episode ends with a scene where Neha Bhasin can be seen sobbing as she lays on the garden bench.


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