Bigg Boss 16 WKV: Salman Khan Schools Sumbul Touqeer, Gautam Vig Gets Out

Bigg Boss 16 WKV: As per the latest update Gautam Vig has been evicted from the Salman Khan’s show this week.

Bigg Boss 16 WKV: Salman Khan Schools Sumbul Touqeer, Gautam Vig Gets Out

Bigg Boss 16 is making a lot of buzz these days, the equations between the contestants are changing and so the dynamics of the game. The fight between Shalin & MC Stan was highlight of the week as the two went physical and shocked everyone.

Now, In the upcoming episode of Weekend Ka Vaar on Friday, Salman Khan schools contestants for their game over the week. Firstly, he slams Sumbul Touqeer Khan saying, “She is obsessed with Shalin,” to which Tina Datta reacts saying, “Oh yes.” Salman further adds, “And I think Shalin is quite aware of it.”


Shalin reacts, “She is 20 years younger to me!” Salman further says, “Itni kaunsi gehri dosti hai that you are not giving Tina to talk to him for 5 mins?” Sumbul breaks down and goes on to say that she wants to go home. The Bollywood actor coolly responds, “So leave, who has stopped you?”

Salman also schools Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan for their physical altercation. Salman says, “One is thinking himself to be Bruce Lee and one thinks himself to be Dara Singh. It would have been fun had you guys fought for real.” Shalin asks for a chance from Salman.

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Salman removes his coat and says, “What permission do I give, to kill him?”. The Bhaijaan actor schools Stan saying, “If you are giving gaali to someone then have the power to get it back too.” Stan replies saying that he was wrong. The actor tells him, “Do I send this clip to your Ammi? See what your son is doing.”


Shalin tells, “Either Stan is going or I will leave the house.” Salman tells him, “No one is stopping you.”

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Meanwhile, it is being said that Gautam Vig has been evicted from the house this week. He was nominated along with Soundarya Sharm and Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta.



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