Bigg Boss 16: Has Abdu Rozik Become Sajid Khan’s Toy?

The constant involvement of Sajid Khan in Abdu Rozik’s matters & opinions has completely ruined his game and also the real self of the singer.

Bigg Boss 16: Has Abdu Rozik Become Sajid Khan's Toy?
Bigg Boss 16: Has Abdu Rozik Become Sajid Khan’s Toy?

The equations between the contestants in the house have changed in the last few days. After the nomination task, Bigg Boss 16 contestants got to see the true faces of their housemates. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia & Gautam Vig, who were friends from the initial days have seen at loggerheads after sacrificing task. Sumbul & Shalin too keeping a safe distance after all the reality check the two had a few weeks back. One bond who is constant & only growing stronger is Sajid Khan & Abdu Rozik’s.

The two have been together since the vey first episode, after Bigg Boss instructed Sajid to be Abdu’s translator. Abdu, who is one of the most popular contestant of this season has won hearts with his cuteness. The Tajikistani singer has been topping the popularity contests and has only grown his fan-base after his entry in the show. Also Read: Bharti Singh And Haarsh Limbachiyaa In Legal Trouble, NCB Files Chargesheet In 2020 Drugs Case


Abdu is almost friendly with everyone & has merely any clashes but in the recent few episodes he was seen angrily bashing Priyanka, Sumbul, Gautam & many other contestants for naming him the ‘weakest player’. Many viewers find his outburst situational while others called him out for his ‘rude’ behaviour. The singer is firm on his stand that he understands the game (as many housemates feel he doesn’t) and was even praised by Salman Khan for his observation in the latest wkv.

Sajid Khan Manipulates Abdu Rozik

Abdu’s friendship bond with Sajid has been of the main attraction of the episodes so far. However, Abdu Rozik has been highly manipulated by Sajid Khan. Right from him telling Abdu that everybody fake their love for him in the BB house to let him believe “Audience prefers to see you happy and cute” he has done all to stop the real Abdu come out in the game. The constant stopping from Sajid has made Abdu suffocated and he has developed some weird perception for each contestant in the show which feels uncatchy going by the episodes or even the extra shots. Though, he seemed getting on track a few times, but still not out of Sajid’s influence. Also Read: Bhediya: Gashmeer Mahajani Joins Karan Kundrra In Upcoming Supernatural Show On Colors- Report

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss 16

Abdu Rozik has become Sajid Khan’s toy? Yes? He gets key by Sajid and behaves according to him under influence. The singer also has his own opinions and wishes to play the way he wants but Sajid’s constant involvement even in his smallest decision has made Abdu a quite dependant on Sajid to come to conclusion.


Meanwhile, Sajid Khan has been receiving a lot of flake these days for his behaviour in the house and also the kind of abuses he hurled on Gautam Vig for choosing a captaincy with sacrifice of ration.

Well, Abdu needs to get out of Sajid’s influence as soon as possible and be his true self in the show.




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