Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin To Maintain Distance From Pratik Sehajpal, Says “Will Bond Again With Him Only If ..”

Neha Bhasin has been a strong contestant during Bigg Boss OTT, she has now entered the Bigg Boss 15 house as a wild card contestant.

Bigg Boss 15 Neha Bhasin To Maintain Distance From Pratik Sehajpal Says Will Bond Again If .. 1
Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin To Maintain Distance From Pratik Sehajpal, Says “Will Bond Again With Him Only If ..”

During Bigg Boss OTT Neha Bhasin‘s bond with Pratik Sehjpal was highly criticized by the audience. But before entering the house she called out online trolls and reportedly bashed Pratik Sehajpal’s fan groups for trolling her.

In her recent interview with Bollywood Bubble when asked about her bond with Pratik, The Bigg Boss season 15 wild card contestant responded, “I don’t think there is a bond anymore. Sorry to disappoint everybody, but from my side, there is no bond anymore,” further elaborating on her bond with Pratik. “For me, he will just another housemate in the house. I have my reasons which I don’t want to share publicly. It is better that he plays his game, and I play mine. Plus, he has already made his bonds in this house, so I don’t think he needs or I need him. It is good that it is a new game and a new bond. If organically, we happen to make a bond again, then it is fine.” ALso Read- Viewers Slam Makers & Host Salman Khan For Not Taking Class Of Simba Nagpal For His ‘Derogatory’ Comments On Umar Riaz, See Reactions


Talking about if she thinks her bond with Pratik in the OTT house led to her early eviction? Neha shared, “I am going to prioritize myself this time. Unlike his fans, I will not say it is because of him. I know how to take responsibility for my action. It was because of me. Yes, I got too emotional because I never came to win. It was misconstrued by people in many ways. People took my niceness for granted. The repercussions of it honestly did not go down well with me. Everyone keeps saying his game got spoilt because of me. I feel I got evicted because of that, in fact, if so much of hate did not come towards me because of my connection with him.”

Neha Bhasin also revealed that this time in the house, she is going to be all about “I, me, and Myself.”

Neha Bhasin Pratik Sehajpal gives warm cuddles to each other Bigg Boss OTT

Earlier, In an interview with PTI, Pratik Sehajpal opened up on feeling bad as Neha Bhasin was trolled badly for her friendship with him, but at the same time, he made it clear that he did not regret his bond. He said, ”It is unfortunate because Neha has stood with me unconditionally and I appreciate it. To be honest…What all happened outside, I am apologetic for that because I never thought something like this would happen. I even apologised if anyone was hurt but I am not going to apologise for the bond I had with her because it was a pure, nice emotional friendship.” Also Read-Miesha Iyer Out Of The Show; Was Her Elimination Fair? Vote Here


Going further in the interview, Pratik also shared that when people live in a close and confined space then good bonds are bound to be built and that was the thing with him and Neha. He added, ”What we (Bhasin and him) were inside and the bonding that we had, only we know what it was. All those, who are saying just anything about it from the outside, will never understand what it feels like to be in a closed space where you have nowhere to go.”

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