Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Shamita Shetty Asks Her mom; ‘Is Raqesh Bapat Still My Boyfriend?’

Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Shamita Shetty got to talk to her mother Sunanda Shetty on Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15 and jokingly wondered if Raqesh Bapat is still her boyfriend.

Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Shamita Shetty Asks Her mom, Is Raqesh Bapat Still My Boyfriend?
Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Shamita Shetty Asks Her mom; ‘Is Raqesh Bapat Still My Boyfriend?’

Having been away from him for a long time, Shamita Shetty is wondering if Raqesh Bapat is still her boyfriend. When Bigg Boss allowed contestants to talk to their family members during Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Shamita jokingly asked her mom Sunanda Shetty if Raqesh is still her boyfriend.

When Sunanda said that Raqesh missed her and sent her a lot of love, Shamita did not catch his name initially. When she finally did hear his name, she said, “I am missing him too and sending my love back.” She added jokingly, “I was actually just wondering, is he still my boyfriend? It’s been three months.” Her mom then said, “I am sure he must have sent some messages through Rajiv (Adatia).” Also Read: Naagin 6: Superwoman Lead Actress, Plot Around COVID, 55 Actresses Auditioned, Know Details About Ekta Kapoor’s New Show!


Rajiv then said, “Oh, yes. He has sent loves, kisses, hugs, and all flirty messages.”

The interaction began when Shamita got to see her mother on the TV screen and said, “Hi, maa. How are you?” Sunanda said, “I am good my darling, how are you?” Shamita responded with, “I am good too, how beautiful you are looking!” She then showed her mother that Rajiv is back in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Sunanda greeted everyone and said that she barely recognised Rakhi Sawant, who was in a joker’s get-up and had her entire face painted. Also Read: Nia Sharma Reveals Shocking Truths About Television Industry; “We Have Been Made To Beg, Cry, Plead”

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Sunanda also said that the Bigg Boss 15 finale is nearing: “Two weeks, we are dying to see you guys and hug you.” She also appreciated everyone’s game and told Shamita (while Rajiv kissed her), “Rajiv is giving you my hug.” Shamita also asked her sister Shilpa Shetty to come in front of the camera but she only appreciated everyone’s game while remaining off-camera. Also Read: 12 Bollywood & TV Celebs Who Were CAUGHT Kissing In Public!


Shamita and Raqesh met on Bigg Boss OTT last year and fell for each other. Raqesh even entered Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card contestant but left shortly afterwards due to health issues.


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