Bharti Singh Recounts A Near-Death Experience She Had With Family: ‘Wo ek ghanta humne maut dekhi’

Bharti Singh recently appeared on Maniesh Paul’s podcast and opened up about her life. She also shared a near-death experience she had with her family.

Bharti Singh Recounts A Near-Death Experience She Had With Family: 'Wo ek ghanta humne maut dekhi'

There’s no denying that anyone who is in the company of Bharti Singh can never get away from laughter. The Kapil Sharma Show comedienne never fails to leave her fans mesmerised with her social media posts, her on-screen appearances while hosting reality shows, and her chemistry with husband Harsh Limbachiyaa.

She recently appeared on The Maniesh Paul Podcast with host Maniesh Paul and opened up about various experiences in her life. From talking about her humble beginning to the traumatic incident of losing her father very early in life and the difficult situations her then 24-year-old mom had to face, Bharti bared it all. 

The laughter queen also spoke about a near-death experience she had with her family and revealed that it was when she took her family members to Bali for a trip. Revealing that she makes sure to take her family for a holiday at least once a year, Bharti joked that it was also the one trip when she took everyone to their death bed. 

Opening up about the incident, the comedienne said, “We went on a cruise to someplace called Nusa Paneda in Bali. They dropped us there. We went looking around. We had hired the entire cruise so we thought we can leave whenever we like.”

She added that though her mom asked the family to leave early, she and everyone else wanted to wait longer and take pictures.

“Black clouds were gathering around. My mom said she can see the black clouds and it will be more than an hour long journey by ship. So let’s leave. I said, ‘Mom, it’s okay. Nothing happens to the ship.’ We took pictures, made videos on Instagram. Later, when we went on the ship and the ship arrived in the middle of the ocean, the water was rising above it. Above the boat. Lights came on inside the boat. Two guys came along and gave us jackets. My family was scared. Their faces were pale. Some felt like puking. The people asked us to hold on to something because the storm was so violent,” the comedienne 

At that time, she revealed that all her family members were with her except Harsh who was in Amsterdam at the time. “I thought I should talk to my husband for the last time and say, ‘Harsh, there are Rs 250 under the fridge. Don’t forget.’ That was our condition. Wo ek ghanta humne maut dekhiKoi uss trip mein na thik nahi utra,” she said.

Bharti said that her nephew was bleeding because he was sleeping and must’ve hit something during the storm, adding that everyone on the trip was disoriented as someone’s legs were swollen, someone’s dress was torn, etc.  

She added that when they finally reached Bali, her mom and sister asked her not to take them there again. “You’ve killed the entire family,” her sister joked. The comedienne shared that because of the incident, her mom never travels on a cruise now. 

During the podcast, Bharti Singh said that she has not known her father’s love, as he died when she was just two years old. She added that she has no pictures of him at home.

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