Ayesha Singh Fans Demand ‘NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI’ In GHKPM as They Find Virat ‘Toxic’ & ‘Cheater’- Read Tweets

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin fans are heartbroken to see Sai aka Ayesha Singh being facing lot of troubles due to Virat & Chavan family members. They are now demanding a ‘NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI’.

Ayesha Singh Fans Demand NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI In GHKPM as They Find Virat Toxic & Cheater- Read Tweets
Ayesha Singh Fans Demand ‘NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI’ In GHKPM as They Find Virat ‘Toxic’ & ‘Cheater’- Read Tweets

Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is one of the most popular show on small screen and the popularity is only going up. The makers have served some of the major twists in the lives of Sai, Virat & Pakhi and the story has been interesting so far. After a big leap, Virat is now married to Pakhi, while Sai is alone raising her daughter Savi. Sai’s troubles haven’t yet gone and she is still misunderstood by Virat & Chavan family.

The fans of the actress, especially the Sai Joshi’s fans are quite disappointed by Sai’s situation and they felt for her real bad. Right from her marriage to Virat Chavan, she faced many hurdles from some ‘misogynist’ Chavan members and was looked down upon. Sai was also humiliated by Pakhi, who once loved Virat and then became her sister-in-law, as she was still not over him and wanted to get back in his life. Also Read: Sreejita De Becomes The FIRST Evicted Contestant Of Bigg Boss 16, Here’s What BB Fans Expected From Her


There were many instances when Pakhi conspired against Sai and tried to proved her wrong by manipulating Virat and got successful too sometime. The surrogacy track too fumed fans in anger after Virat, who’s an IPS Officer, refrained from taking action against Pakhi because she’s a family. All this summed up has convinced fans that Sai was never loved, valued, taken care of, in her marriage to Virat and he’s not the ideal partner she deserves. Also Read: Bigg Boss 16: Rakhi Sawant Comes Out In Support Of Sajid Khan: “Jiska Koi Nahi Uska Toh Khuda Hai Yaaro”

Ayesha Singh Fans Demand ‘NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI’

And, now fans are demanding a new male lead for Sai Joshi from the makers so that their life gets settled. Several fans have been tagging the channel’s official twitter handle to convey their messages through posts on social media platform. Stating how Virat has never done his husband duties, a fan wrote, “A pregnant lady is slapped vigorously thrice but her ips husband is at statue mode she’s getting blames and mental torcher but he’s silent and says he’s love of my life @StarPlus what’s this torcher NEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI” Also Read: 7 Most Expensive Outfits Worn by Bollywood Actresses in Real Life

Another tweeted, “The man who always asked he’s wife to adjust because being an ips he’s supported illegal surrogacy by he’s brother widow and ex love he makes mockery of laws relationships everything @StarPlusNEW MALE LEAD FOR SAI“. Another fan posted, “This is for the Sai & Sai fans … Sai may end up with Virat in the future bcs of makers’ forced narration, but it never changes the fact that Sai deserves better, better than V as a life partner✌️ Sai deserves a new man in her life who will love & respect her❤️”


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Well, this is not the first time fans have come up in large number to let makers know what they want from the show. Earlier, during Surrogacy track, which was tagged as ‘Illegal’, was cut-down short by makers after facing a lot of flak online and even a complaint to BARC. No wonder, audience can make you and even break you if they feel the content is not satisfactory.

It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Sai Joshi aka Ayesha Singh in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. Will makers bring a new male lead or a twist that can leave fans happy for Sai? Only time will tell.



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