Anupamaa Written Update August 6, 2021: Kavya Acts Selfishly With Pakhi

Anupamaa Written Update August 6, 2021: As Bapuji orders everyone not to attend the competition, he later allows Vanraj, Samar and Nandini to go.
Anupamaa Written Update August 6, 2021: Kavya Acts Selfishly With Pakhi
Anupamaa Written Update August 6, 2021: Kavya Acts Selfishly With Pakhi

Anupamaa Written Update August 6, 2021: The episode begins with Bapuji locking the door with Anu, Pakhi and Kavya outside. As he closes the gate, Kavya and Pakhi blame Anu for everything and leave for the competition while Anu stays there and tries to convince Bapuji. He does not listen to her and goes inside while she keeps talking to him through the window. She reminds him of what he taught them and urges him to allow everyone to attend it for Pakhi’s sake. Even Vanraj urges him to let him attend the competition to which Bapuji agrees and allows him. He even allows Samar and Nandini to accompany Anu in case she needs any help.

Meanwhile, in the green room, Kavya manipulates Pakhi that her family does not care about her so even she should not bother about them. Pakhi then asks her to do her hair and makeup to which she assures her that she will help her. Later, even Samar, Nandini and Anu arrive at their green room. Anu then asks Samar to check if Pakhi si doing fine to which he goes and meets her. Kavya again provokes Pakhi in front of Samar but he stays silent and wishes her good luck. Also Read- Anupamaa Written Update 5 August 2021: Bapuji’s Decision Shocks Everyone

Anu then meets her students who tell her that they have already practised once and are confident that they will win. On the other hand, Kavya asks Pakhi to get her hair done to which she helps her. As Pakhi asks Kavya again to do her hair and makeup, she yells at her and asks her not to disturb as she is already nervous. Anu, on the other hand, offers snacks to her students as they get ready. She then goes to check on Pakhi and sees that she is struggling to braid her hair. Also Read- Anupamaa SPOILERS: Pakhi Insults Anupamaa Yet Again But Will She Realise Her Worth?


She then asks Samar and Nandini to help her but they refuse. She then sends Pakhi’s teacher for help and as she does her makeup with her eyes closed, Anu sneaks in and gets her hair done. Kavya then returns but Anu manages to hide on time. Kavya then thanks to the teacher and as she leaves, she yells at Pakhi that why did she bring her when she didn’t want her help. She also yells at her further and orders her to say sorry to which she innocently apologises recalling how she refused to say sorry to her mother. Anu hears their conversation and gets teary-eyed. 

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