Anupamaa Written Update 4th August 2021: Pakhi’s Unjustifiable Demand Breaks Anupama

Anupamaa Written Update 4th August 2021:
Anupamaa Written Update 4th August 2021: Pakhi Unjustifiable Demand Breaks Anupama
Anupamaa Written Update 4th August 2021: Pakhi’s Unjustifiable Demand Breaks Anupama

The episode 332 of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa telling Toshu that if he wants to leave the house, then he can leave with Baa and Bapuji’s blessing and not getting angry with his family. Anupamaa says Toshu should not make his family die every day about leaving the house in anger. She says Toshu has learned to live without his parents, but his parents did not learn to live without their kids.

Anupamaa says they just want Kinjal and Toshu’s happiness. Kinjal says they aren’t going anywhere. Anupamaa wipes her tears and says tomorrow is a big day for Pakhi, so they should go and rest now. Pakhi asks what Anupamaa has to do with it. Anupamaa says she doesn’t want Pakhi’s dance to get affected, so they should go and sleep now. Also Read-Anupamaa Written Update, 30th July 2021: Vanraj and Anupama Get Shocked

Pakhi says she does not want Anupamaa to attend her dance competition. Everyone gets shocked. Pakhi says if Anupamaa will come there, she will get down from the stage and not participate in the dance competition. Vanraj asks Pakhi to behave. Pakhi says her presence on the stage will depend on Anupamaa’s absence. Kinjal says tomorrow even Anupamaa is participating in the competition, so she has to come.


Pakhi says Anupamaa can perform her dance and then leave after her dance, if she stays, she will not perform. Anupamaa agrees. Anupamaa says Pakhi will repent for her whole life if she doesn’t dance, so she will leave after her dance competition. Pakhi leaves.

Vanraj asks Anupamaa and Kavya to stop the fight or Samar and Pakhi will leave the house as Toshu is planning to leave. Anupamaa cries thinking about Pakhi’s arrogant behaviour. Nandini is upset with Pakhi’s behaviour. Samar says they will not behave with Anupamaa like Pakhi and Toshu.

The next day, Kinjal asks Toshu to come on time as they have to go to Pakhi’s competition. Toshu says he cannot come. Kinjal and Toshu start arguing. Baa asks them not to fight like Vanraj and Kavya. Kavya comes with Pakhi. She makes Pakhi ready for her competition thinking that she will separate Anupamaa and Pakhi completely.



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