Anupamaa Written Update 28 December 2021: Anuj decides to guide Malvika

Anupamaa Written Update 28 December 2021: Kavya manipulates Leela against Vanraj and Malvika’s partnership. Elsewhere, Malvika asks Anuj about his preference since he doesn’t trust him.

Anupamaa Written Update 28 December 2021: Anuj decides to guide Malvika
Anupamaa Written Update 28 December 2021: Anuj decides to guide Malvika (Pic credit: Hotstar)

In today’s episode, Anupamaa tells Anuj that Vanraj’s partnership with Malvika will be successful as both of them are determined and also share the same vision. Anuj feels that Vanraj might betray Malvika once he achieves his goal as he has already cheated on Anupama in the past.

Ahead, Anupamaa backs Vanraj and tells Anuj not to judge the latter on the basis of what he has done in the past. Anuj gets worried and decides to plan something by which Malvika backs out from the partnership and lets Vanraj take over the business. Also Read-Stylish Outfits From Janhvi Kapoor’s Wardrobe For New Year’s Eve Date


Kavya tries to confront Vanraj for organising a christmas party in their house without informing her and also tells him not to fall for Malvika. Vanraj loses his calm and asks Kavya not to accuse him in everything as he has decided to concentrate on his new venture by which he can create an empire of his own. Kavya starts getting insecure and thinks that Malvika might replace her by behaving good to Vanraj and the family members. Also Read-Rupali Ganguly’s ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ moment will make you go ROFL

Vanraj requests Kavya to stop overthinking and tells her to look after the house till the time she does not get any job. On the flip side, Anupama tells Anuj to let Malvika handle everything in her life as she is mature enough to take the major decisions.

Anuj gets convinced by Anupama’s words and decides to guide Malvika whenever she needs help and also feels that Vanraj deserves one last chance. Back in the Shah house, Leela tells Kavya that Vanraj wont take any wrong step as this project is his final chance to prove his worth. Also Read-Why Salman Khan Wanted SLB To Change The Ending Of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam?


Furthermore, Anuj questions Malvika for transferring Rs 50 lakh in Vanraj’s account without informing him. Malvika gets furious and Anupama calms her down saying that being an elder brother Anuj cares for her and feels that the she should not face any loss in her business. 

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