Anupamaa Written Update 17 November 2021: Anuj And Anu Fail To Cheer Up Babuji

Anupamaa written update 17 November 2021: Anupama’s attempt to cheer up the dejected Hasmukh goes in vain. Jignesh rejects Leela’s order to bring Hasmukh back home.

Anupamaa Written Update 17 November 2021: Anuj And Anupama Fail To Cheer Up Babuji
Anupamaa Written Update 17 November 2021: Anuj And Anu Fail To Cheer Up Babuji

Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupama November 17 episode begins with Anuj telling Anupama that he had heard a tongue bite sharper than a snake and Baa proved it. Anupama says she is more worried about what will happen when Vanraj will come across everything. She says despite not being a good husband, Mr Shah is a good father and a dedicated son. She then asks Anuj to go home and goes to console Babuji.

Babuji continues to cry in his sleep and wakes up panicking and crying after Baa shouts from the outside. Dolly also cries in her room.


Anu goes to get a blanket for Babuji and finds him missing on her return. She runs out to look for him when Anuj notices her. The two find Babuji inquiring for a watchman job. When Anupama breaks down and asks Bapuji why is he looking for a job, Babuji says he does not want to be a burden on his daughter. He further says he might be jobless but is not useless. Anupama cannot hold her tears back and cries. Anuj asks Babuji to go to sleep and asserts they will talk tomorrow.

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The next morning, Baa performs pooja in the house and wishes everyone a happy new year. Kavya suggests they should start afresh and bring back Babuji when Baa says he will return on his own. When Samar confronts Baa, she shouts at everyone and asks them to go get ready. Kavya then asks Baa if it is Anupama’s plan to take Babuji to her side. Baa in return says their 50 years of marriage cannot be broken easily. 



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