Anupamaa Written Update 15 December 2021: Anuj talks with Malvika, Hasmukh tries to boost Anupama’s confidence

Anupamaa Written Update 15 December 2021: Anupamaa & Anuj Kapadia in a relationship
Anupamaa Written Update 15 December 2021: Anuj talks with Malvika, Hasmukh tries to boost Anupama’s confidence

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, GK thanks Anupama for coming to their house, while Leela gets restless and asks Paritosh to join his mother as soon as possible. Later, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) takes care of Anuj and gives him a note which states that she is ready to get in a relationship with him. Anuj gets overwhelmed and starts dancing but then Anupama gets back to reality and hesitates to convey her love in front of him. Also Read-Tejasswi Prakash To Parth Samthaan: 15 Highly Educated TV Celebs That You Didn’t Know About

In the meantime, Paritosh joins Anupama and tells her to relax as he has been sent by Leela to help her in taking care of Anuj. Anupama thanks Paritosh (Aashish Mehrotra) for his gesture and informs him that Anuj has gone to sleep after he started feeling dizzy. 

The next day, Hasmukh visits Anuj’s house and thanks god for blessing him with an understanding and mature daughter-in-law who has always stood with her family in every situation. Anupama welcomes Hasmukh and enquires about everyone from the Shah family. Hasmukh informs Anupama that everything in the Shah house is perfect until Kavya and Vanraj don’t create a mess. Also Read-Rupali Ganguly’s ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ moment will make you go ROFL


Hasmukh also adds that Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) could survive 25 years with Anupama as she was calm and patient, while Kavya reacts on every small things. Ahead, Anupama reveals that she has decided to move on in her life but fears that Anuj’s love might turn her into the old version.

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Hasmukh motivates Anupama and asks her to back the thought as nothing negative while happen in her life as she has always been thinking positive for everyone. After a while, Anuj is worried as he reads a news which says that Malvika has got back to India and will live in Gujrat for rest of her life. GK on the other hand feels that Malvika’s entry in Anuj’s life will take away Anupama as she has already experienced such a relationship in the past. Also Read-Katrina Kaif To Salman Khan: Here’s How Much These Bollywood Celebs Charge To Dance At Weddings

Furthermore, Anupama is shocked when she overhears Anuj talking to Malvika on the call and he accepts that he still loves her and is ready to meet her.



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